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    Our Schedule

    Our mornings consist of literacy centers focusing on Language Arts, Phonics and Reading skills.
    Snack/recess is at 9:45. Lunch is from 11:40-12:25.


    Our afternoons consist of a variety of things based on our theme of the month. The last part of the day is used for math. We spend an hour and a half learning our skills. Dismissal is at 2:40.

    *Monday Dismissal is 1:40

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    Our Classroom Rules
    • No talking when the teacher is talking.
    • Be nice to each other from the inside and the outside.
    • Clean up your mess!
    • Always do your best.
    • Never say I can't.

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    Our Homework

    Our homework is given on Friday and is due the following Friday.  Reading with your child is very important for the development of phonemic aareness skills, phonics and reading. Your child is required to read the weekly story on the back of the homework as well as the paper books that come home weekly. 
          On the weekly homework paper is a place to practice sight words using sentences.     Check the spelling and have your child correct with you.  As your child gets to be a better writer practice using adjectives in the sentences.
         Our new math program is tough.  Your child will bring home a weekly homework paper with daily practice problems.  Please return it Friday with your child's reading homewotk.  Your child will need your help.  Please review and help fix all math papers.

    Dolch Words

    The Dolch words are the 220 most frequently found words in books that children read. The lists are in order of frequency. These lists are studied in first and second grade; children who learn these words have a good base for beginning reading. Many of these words cannot be sounded out because they do not follow decoding rules. These words must be learned as sight words or "outlaw words."

    Parents may want to make flashcards, bingo games or matching games for their child's practice.

    Dolch List 1

    • the
    • to
    • and
    • he
    • a
    • I
    • you
    • it
    • of
    • in
    • was
    • said
    • his
    • that
    • she
    • for
    • on
    • they
    • but
    • had
    To practice other dolch words visit:  http://http://www.mrsperkins.com/
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