Degrees and Certifications:


Room 34 Supplies


Each student needs to have:

*        1 1/2” binder with a front pocket and back pocket 

         Front pocket labeled: HOMEWORK and Parent Notes Back pocket labeled: Leave at Home Papers

*        10 dividers WITH POCKETS (PLease see photo at top left of page, 2 packets needed, bought at Wallmart)


PLEASE label each tab:

1. Math

2. Reading 

3. Writing

4. Grammar

5. Literature

6. Social Studies

7. Science

8. Room 34/School

9. ART


*        Notebook paper - 1 packet wide rule    

*        Scissors (label with name)

*        2 Glue sticks

*        #2 pencils sharpened (3 daily!)

*        Putty Eraser

*        Pencil Zip Pocket (No pencil boxes, label with name)

*        Colored pencils, markers, and crayons

*        Red pens for correcting 

*        Whiteboard: 11X9

*        Whiteboard markers and eraser    

*        2 Black Sharpies

*        Highlighters

*        Ruler  (label with name)

*        Post-its

*        Ear Buds (in ziplock baggie, labeled with name)


In addition, I am asking if each child can bring the following items to donate to the class to share:


**        Notebook paper        

**        Kleenex

**        Antibacterial Wipes

**        Box of pre-sharpened pencils


All of the items listed above will be used in class on a regular basis and may need to be replenished throughout the year. 

Thank you!



Last Modified on August 5, 2019