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    Welcome to 3rd Grade
    Mrs. Toop 
    Room F04
    (951) 696-1421 X 2654 


    Upcoming Events:
     April 6th Phase 2 of Distance Learning begins
    Starting this week (April 13th) we will begin using Powerschool/Haiku as a launching pad for all of our Distance Learning assignments and activities.  You will find the link on our class links page.  If you have any questions, please let me know.
    You should receive an Aeries communication from me on April 6th, if you do not, please email me at ptoop@murrieta.k12.ca.us and I will check to see why you are not receiving them.  This will be my primary way to communicate with you on a regular basis.  My plan is to touch base with you 3 times per week, and answer emails as they come in.  Our Distance Learning template is under the class files tab for you to access.  Please let me kow if you have any questions.
     If you are having difficulty logging in to any of the programs, please let me know.  I have also put a list of student logins in our class files section on this page.  
    If you have not emailed me, please do so, I would love to hear from you to see how you are doing. 
    Also, if you would like, please try our flipgrid page and leave a short video of what you are reading.  The link can be found in the Aeries communication that I sent out today (Wednesday).  Hope to hear from you soon.
     I have put a copy of the school and home responsibilities for our Wax Museum project in our class files.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  :-)
    At conference time, I shared some computer based programs that can support your child's learning.  I have just learned of a new one.  It is called Sora and is a digital library similar to our Destiny Quest.  With breaks coming up, this is a good way to keep students reading.  The icon can be found on the student links page for Cole Canyon and looks like a space creature flying through the sky.   The login information is their 9-digit number and the password is Mvusd followed by their two digit month and day they were born and an exclamation point at the end.  for example, if their birthday is April 1st, their password would be Mvusd0401! (case sensitive). 
    I have enrolled all of the students into Typing Club.  Their username is their first name with a three behind it (ex: john3), there is no password.  This is a program that they can do at home as well as at school.  It is meant to teach them proper typing technique.  This is an important skill because at the end of the year the CAASPP requires them to type their answers.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Starting the week of September 23rd, you child may do Raz-Kids for their reading homework twice a week.  This will take the place of reading for 20 minutes and writing two sentences.  They will need to choose a story, listen to it, read it, and take the quiz on it in order for it to count as their reading homework.   On their sentence paper, they will just write Raz-Kids for that day of the week.  All students have been enrolled in Raz-Kids and their password is their name with a 3 behind it, (ex: john3).  I have adjusted their levels according to our intial assessments.  If you have any questions, please let me know.
    Beginning the week of September 16th, part of your child's nightly homework will be to write two sentences about what they have read.  We are beginning with "surrounding the noun".  We have been practicing this in class for two weeks and each student should have examples that we have done.  There should also be an example in their homework folder explaining what they need to do.  I will be checking them daily.  If you have any questions, please email me.   
    Congratulations to our HERO of the week : Paitynn
     Your student should be bringing home their weekly envelope on Monday.  All of their classwork and weekly tests are inside.  Please reveiw them with your child and initial or sign the front where it is highlighted.  Students should return envelopes the following day.  If you have any questions, please email me.  :-)


    All students have been enrolled in Raz-Kids and their password is their name with a 3 behind it, (ex: john3).  Students can use Raz-Kids for reading homework.  They are currently all on the same level.  Their level will be adjusted after we have assessed where they are.  If you have any questions, please let me know. 
     Mrs Toop’s Classroom Supplies

         Throughout the coming school year, your child will be involved in many projects and assignments that require specific school supplies. Please be assured that I will provide your child with the school supplies he/she needs during the school year. However, if you would like to help reduce the supply costs, below is a list of materials that will be used in our classroom. Because some of these items may be used in a general pool for classroom supplies, please don’t write your child’s name on them. Any donations will be greatly appreciated! :-)

    loose leaf wide ruled filler notebook paper

    Ticonderoga #2 pencils

    Post-It notes (3 x 3 size please)

    BLACK dry erase Expo markers (chiseled tip please)

    Kleenex tissues

    baby wipes

    copy paper


         hand sanitizer    

    Thank you in advance! 


    Please remember that Mondays are Early Release days and students are dismissed at 1:50 






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