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     Classwork Assignments

    Classwork is due on the due-date given, if work is not turned in on-time a letter will go home explaining what was not turned in. Friday Fun Club will be missed with one missing assignment or 2 late assignments. 

    If a student is absent due to illness, I do not require them to make up all the missed work; I feel this can result in more stress on a student. If a student is absent for consecutive days due to illness, we can work out a plan to catch up your child (this will ensure they did not miss valuable lessons over consecutive days).

    If a student is absent and an assignment was assigned but not due until a later day in the week, the student will be expected to complete the work and turn it in on the original due date.

    Please give me a week notice if you will be out of town and need class work gathered.


    • Students are responsible to write down their homework daily.
    • Each student must read 20 minutes a night.
    • Homework is checked daily
    • Homework is due at 8:30 a.m., homework brought to school after school has started will be considered as a late.

    If a student is having a tough time following the rules in class and interrupting learning for others, they will sign a Behavior Book, I will write a note in their planner as well, to notify you of the problem.

    This book is private and kept my desk, it is a way to have them physically write down what happened and it serves as record keeping for you and me.

    I will focus on the positive, however, it is very important to hold a student responsible for any problems they are having and give them a way to make amends.
    Students caught showing our Character Pillars in everyday actions can expect to be rewarded with “Lamothe Moola” money.
    Friday Fun happens every Friday at 2:10. Students may choose outside free play or an inside game room. Students earn the privilege of participating in Friday Fun by completing assignments and complying to classroom and school expectations.
    The following behaviors will cause a student to attend Study Hall during Friday Fun.
    1. Two late assignments
    2. Two signatures in the behavior book
    3. Missing Assignment
    4. No parent signature in the planner(due Thursday)
    The 5th-grade Team has in place policies and procedures to help ensure personal responsibility and accountability which will foster a positive transfer to 6th grade. Thank you for your support as we work together for the best environment for growth for your student!


Last Modified on August 5, 2019