Dear Parents,

        This letter is to tell you a little about the economics curriculum that centers on “Poliska Town.” Economics is learned by the students actually running a town. They print their own money, develop a government, design a flag, open their own businesses and live with the results of their choices and actions in the town. Your child may keep business inventory or records, make a poster to advertise, become a banker, the mayor, or simply enjoy being a customer.

        Students will learn economic concepts such as supply and demand, wholesale, retail, credit cards and marketing. Math and Social Studies will tie in with the business experiences the students have in class. This allows for learning to be more meaningful and relate to their personal experiences. 

        In addition to the economic learning involved, there are other gains made by the children. They will actively work in solving problems by trying to find creative solutions to the problems they encounter. Many students form partnerships with others that are successful or that dissolve. They quickly learn that partners need to contribute equally in building inventory of stock and agree on store hours.

    IMPORTANT GUIDELINES for students who want to open up their own business

    You may contribute to the program by not allowing your child to take anything for the town from home without making some sort of payment unless he or she is cleaning out drawers and closets full of toys and other things no longer used. 

    Your child can make payments through service, class money (to you), or allowances.

    A $10 limit (real money)may be set for the year, although this decision is between you and your child. This is the maximum any child should spend. Rather than spending money at the grocery store, it is nice to see how students foster creative ideas and entrepreneurial qualities. I encourage healthy food items, but students should be encouraged to think of goods and services that they can make for little or no money. (Just ask them about having to spend money in order to make money and GROSS and NET profits.) Your child should be able to know the difference between the two by now! Feel free to stop by sometime to see business in action. 
    Our next shopping day will be held on TBD              


                                                                        Mrs. Poliska

    My child has permission to purchase items sold in Poliska Town.

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Last Modified on June 8, 2019