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    Dear Parents,

    The second part of first grade we will be concentrating on comprehension skills.  I would like to try something new for homework with some of the children. We have three options to make this work.

    1. Please go to Super Teacher web site athttp://www.superteacherworksheets.com/2nd-comprehension.html to try the free comprehension stories and worksheets.  If you like the site there is a one year fee of $19.99.  

    2. You can also go to Lakeshore to purchase a comprehension work book.

    3. I can print some comprehension worksheets off for you. ( I am limited on copies)


      When doing the writing portion of the comprehension worksheet it is very important to have your child answer the questions in complete sentences as opposed to one word answers.  Practice using capitals, spaces, and periods.  Turn in the homework daily just like writing homework. 

    Mrs. Simmons

Last Modified on January 2, 2017