• Suggested Supply List - Mr. Banks' Third Grade - Room 30


    Please send your child with a backpack that is marked with his/her name.  The backpack will be used to carry and store lunch, jackets/sweaters, and schoolwork/homework as well as any other personal items.  Please be sure to label your child's backpack, lunchbox, and jackets clearly with first and last name.  (Do not label items with my name or room number in case that changes!)

    Most of the supplies we use in the classroom will be 'community' supplies, so thank you in advance for donations to our class - we do rely on them!
    The list to the right is our basic grade level list.
    The following list is specific to Room 30. I will have basic supplies available for everyone in class, but personal items that your student may bring for his/her desk if desired are:
    -1 small sized school supply box or pencil pouch (our school desks are tiny!)
    -3 pencils (Ticonderoga work the best! (Please don't send other brands as they kill our pencil sharpener)
    -1 standard pink eraser
    -1 small dry erase marker and baby sock (for and eraser) for use with our individual student whiteboards
    -1 pair of student scissors
    -2 Plastic Folders
    -1 Wide Ruled Composition Book
    -1 Wide Ruled Spiral Notebook (70 page, single subject)
    Items that may be donated to be shared and are highly appreciated by our class are:
    -Ticonderoga brand pencils - We use a lot of these!  Brands other than Ticonderoga ruin our pencil sharpeners! :-(
    -Small Black Dry Erase whiteboard markers (for individual student whiteboards)
    -Colored Pencil Sets (12 colors)
    -Crayola Crayons (24 ct.)
    -Crayola fine or wide tip washable markers (classic colors, 10 marker sets)
    -Prang 8-color Watercolor Sets

    Additional Very Popular and Much-Appreciated Items (if you can help out):

    -Tissues (Kleenex-Large Box)
    -Band aids
    -Baby Wipes (for hands) or Antibacterial wipes (for desks and tables)
    -Hand sanitizer (small pump, unscented)
    -Colored copy paper
    Items NOT to bring! - (These are usually just distractions or mess-makers and are not necessary. :-(
    -hand held pencil sharpeners
    -'special' colors of crayons or markers
    -scented markers 
    -oil pastels or paint sets
    Thank you for your support!
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Last Modified on August 6, 2021