8th Grade Science:

    Classwork, Homework, Labs, Tests



    Late/Missing Work

    -Late work is any work not turned in at the beginning of the class period on the due date.

    -Any work not completed on time will be accepted for partial credit up to 70%.

    -Any work scoring below a 70% may be redone and submitted for credit up to 70%.

    -If a student has an excused absence, they can submit assignments through the following Monday with no penalty (a weekend to complete)


    It is the family and/or student’s responsibility to communicate with the teacher and/or check ABI Aeries concerning the assignment that needs to be completed when the student is absent from school.


    Class assignments, Labs, Homework and Test scores will be posted on ABI Aeries. A login ID and password can be requested at the schools main office. It is highly recommend and encouraged for all parents, guardians and students to get access to this system.  I keep ABI Aeries academic information current and will update your student’s grades after each notebook turn in.


    Grade Break Down:

    Labs/Projects/Tests = 70%, Classwork/Notes = 30% 


    A+      98.0% above

    A        93.0% to 97.9

    A-       90.0% to 92.9%

    B+      88.0% to 89.9%

    B        83.0% to 87.9%

    B-       80.0% to 82.9%

    C+     78.0% to 79.9%

    C       73.0% to 77.9%

    C-      70.0 to 72.9%

    D+     68.0 to 69.9%

    D       63.0 to 67.9%

    D-      60.0 to 62.9%

    F        BELOW






Last Modified on September 24, 2018