• Your student will have homework Monday-Thursday. Homework is due on Friday. 

    If there any questions about the math homework, we review any questions or concerns on Friday.

    Each night your child will have:

        *4 math problems

        *15 minutes of reading

        *1 short writing assignment using complete sentences.

    The students will write the homework assignments in the agenda each day. Please check to make sure your child has completed the nightly homework and then initial in your child's agenda DAILY. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by phone (951) 696-1402 x2134 or email  at rhodo@murrieta.k12.ca.us.

    In the event your child forgets the binder at school, here are the support pages from their writing notebook.                                                        

    Reading and Writing Homework

    5 Steps To A Complete Sentence