• Benchmark Advance: Language Arts

    Includes 10 Units  for the year. We will spend about 4 to 5 weeks on each Unit.

    Unit One: Goverment at Work

    Essential Question:  Why do we need a goverment?

    In this unit students read and compare selections about the goverment to undertand what the goverment does and why it is important.

    • Skills and Strategies for Making Meaning
    • Comprehension Skills: - Identify Key Story Events, Identify Author's Purpose, Identify Differences in Points of View - Making Predictions
    • Phonics Skills: Short vowels, Blends, Final blends; consonant digraphs (ch, sh, tch, dge); consonant digraphs (th, wh, ph)
    • Grammar Skills: What is a sentence? Naming parts of a sentence. Action parts of a sentence. Use Collective Nouns, Use past tense irregular verbs
    • Fluency and Phrasing: Read on-level with purpose and understanding 


    Unit Two: Characters Facing Challenges

    Essential Question:       What can we learn when we face problems?

    In this unit, students read and compare selections featuring different character who work to resolve problems.

    • Comprehension Skills : Compare and Contrast - Fact and Opinion - Categorize/Classify
    • Phonics Skills: Long vowel team syllable patterns (o, oa, ow, oe) Long e vowel team syllable patterns (e, e_e, ee, ea, y, ey, ie); Ong i vowel team syllable patterns ( i, ie, y, igh)
    • Grammar Skills: Telling sentences and Questions, Commands, Exclamations/ Add -s and es to Nouns, Use adjectives and adverbs, Use contractions, Use irregular past tense verbs
    • Vocabulary Skills: Compound words, Antonyms, Multiple Meaning Words 






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