Beginning of the year Reminders!

  • 1.  Send a healthy snack for first recess at 10:35 am. Snacks are so important, especially at the beginning of the year.  Your child will be HUNGRY for a snack at school!!  Snacks are to be placed in brown paper bags or Ziplocs with your child's name CLEARLY marked on the outside. These bags can be reused throughout the week if you wish.

    2.  Lunch is at 12:00.  This year, breakfasts and lunches are provided at no cost. If your child wishes to buy and additional a la carte item, there will be a charge. When getting a meal from the cafeteria, students are required to wear a mask.

    The most convenient way to purchase lunches is to set up an account on . You can also pay by cash or check. Just place it in an envelope marked with your child's name and child's teacher name and then either pay in person in the kitchen, or place it in the black mailbox on the wall next to the kitchen door (in the cafeteria in the back of the MPR).  

    All students have a lunch account number at school.  Lunch numbers continue throughout a student's entire Antelope Hills Elementary School career, so please remind them to practice their number prior to the start of school.

    3.  When your child brings a lunch from home, it needs to be labeled clearly and placed in a SEPARATE box/bag from your child's snack.  Children still get confused the first few weeks back, so please send lunch in a lunch box/bag, CLEARLY write your child's name in Sharpie on the outside!  So many children have exactly the same lunch bag/box each year and your child needs to quickly find theirs each day after lunch among the other 150'ish children's lunch boxes/bags. We do try to assist with the confusion by using lunch tubs for our classroom pick-up. 
    4.  Please be sure ALL of your child’s belongings have their FIRST and LAST NAME written on them somewhere, especially their jackets, backpack, and lunchbox.  Items are often misplaced both in our classroom and on school grounds; having the kid's names on them, in clear view, helps to get them back home promptly. 

    Last Modified on August 10, 2014
Last Modified on August 6, 2021