*Updated 8-2019

    AVID supplies provided for your student:


    *Pencil Pouch

    *Spiral Notebook

    *Subject Dividers



    AVID supplies your student still needs:

    *3 Sharpened Pencils

    *3 Highlighters (pink,yellow, and green)

    *1 Glue Stick

    *1 Dry Erase Marker 

    *1 Large Eraser

    IMPORTANT: Please keep any extra items at home so that students

    can refill their pencil pouch throughout the year. If the student needs

    an item while at school, they will have the option of "buying" these items

    once a week from our classroom student store using their individual class points. 


    Optional supplies your student may use in the classroom:

    *Crayons (24 count)
    *Water Bottle (Please put your student's name on it)
    There are many items we use often in our classroom. I have purchased the first round of these items to start the year, but we often run out as the year progresses. If you are interested in sending donations, it would be greatly appreciated. Here are a few items we will use this year.
    *Glue Sticks
    *White Glue 
    *Whiteboard Markers
    *Resealable Plastic Bags (snack, sandwich, and gallon size)
    *Lysol Wipes
    *White Copy Paper
    *Astrobrights Colored Paper
    *Markers (8 or 10 count)
    *Colored Pencils (12 count)
    *Pink Erasers
    Thank you for helping me support your student's learning!