• TV/Dig 2 Information! 

    Your main responsibility in this class is to produce the Nighthawk Daily News.  You will also continue to develop your editing skills by producing the school's Video Yearbook and submitting short films throughout the year.
    Class Structure:
    CREWS:  you will choose a "crew" to work with throughout the year.  Crews will be assigned dates in which they will be responsible for producing the Nighthawk Daily News.
    Crew Responsibilities:  

    SPOTLIGHTS: Choose student to highlight.  Must include interview and B roll.  Submit one QUALITY video by the end of your rotation.   

    ASB Activities: Collaborate with ASB/Senate/Nighthawk Pride/Link/PLUS and make highlights for any upcoming activities.  Film current activities and produce a highlight to run on the news the following class meeting. If there aren’t any upcoming ASB activities, you choose something to spotlight.  If there is a Recess Wednesday during your rotation, it’s mandatory to film a highlight of it.  

    NDN Extras: Responsible for producing anything extra that’s needed each day.  Can also produce extra “fun” segments if you have time (Words of Wisdom, In the Quad with ?, fun intros, Tip of the Day, Friday Highlights, team highlights, Flag Intros, etc.) 

    NDN Crew: Responsible for running/filming the daily news (must have at least 2 people who can edit).  All groups submit completed videos to you.  You decide when to run them. 

    Independent videos will be assigned throughout the year as well. 

    SOMETHING must be in progress every day you’re in class! 


    Grading Categories: 

    1. NDN - contribute to the production of the Daily News (50% of your grade)
    2. Video Production - Completing individual video edits and Crew edits  (50% of your grade)

    Each student will need his/her own SD card.  Please make sure it's a CLASS 10 card and at least 16 GB. 

    Next Steps...

    First Assignment:

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