Hello students and families! My name is Dinora Mendoza-Montoya and I am the counselor for 9th grade students with last names N-Z and all AVID students.  I am very excited to work collaboratively with students, families, teachers, and staff to support the success of all students.

    A little about me… I received my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Cal State San Marcos and my Master’s degree in Educational Counseling, PPS Credential, and LPCC Respecialization Certificate from Azusa Pacific University.



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    Mrs. Mendoza 
             phone: 951-696-1408 ext 5262



    Financial Aid Information

    Graduation Requirements
    Please pay attention to the graduation requirements and double check you are on track. Our Course Catalog has our graduation requirements, Senior Culminating Project, and Community Service information. 

    2019-20 Course Catalog

    Four-Year Plan
    We will be working on your Four-Year Plan in ICT/Careers and Health Classes and reviewing every year.  Students also have a Plan of Study in their California Colleges Account.
    A-G Requirements
    If you are planning on applying to a CSU or UC, you must meet the A-G requirements.  For a list of classes that meet the A-G requirements visit UC Doorways, select Murrieta Valley High School as your school and you will see a breakdown of our A-G classes.
    College Applications 
    October 1-November 30: CSU Application Priority Filing Period
    November 1-30: UC Application Priority Filing Period  

    University of California 

    The Common Application 

    Recommendation Letters 
    If you are going to need a recommendation letter, please download the Recommendation Request Form. Fill out the form and give it to the staff member you have asked to write your letter (you can save & print or email). Remember to give your staff member a week or so to write the letter. 
    Are you an athlete who may compete in college? Did you know that you have to be cleared by the NCAA or NAIA to participate in college athletics?  Students who want to play sports in college must complete academic coursework requirements that exceed the a-g college admissions requirements, and they must register with the NCAA by the end of Sophomore year.
    Check out the following websites to take care of this requirement. 
     Military Careers
    The Today's Military website is produced by the United States Department of Defense. This website was developed as a resource for parent's, educators, and young adults curious about military service.
    If you would like to search for scholarships, or get information on the Murrieta High Schools' Scholarship Foundation, click on the links below.  You can also search for outside scholarship on FastWeb
    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I best reach my student’s counselor?

    Depending on your needs, there are multiple ways to speak with the counselor:
    Email: I prefer email since I can respond at various times throughout the day. My email address is dmendoza-montoya@murrieta.k12.ca.us
    Phone: During certain times of the school year, I am unavailable due to various commitments: start of the semester scheduling, registering students, etc. It does take time to clear the voicemails, so it is preferable to send an email or schedule a parent/counselor appointment. However, you may call our Counseling Clerk at 951-696-1408 ext 5290 to speak with our secretaries, who can best direct your call.
    Scheduled Appointment: Discussing academic performance and other concerns takes time and I would like to provide parents with my undivided attention. It is best to schedule an appointment so you and I can have adequate time to discuss your student and answer all of your questions. Please call 951-696-1408 ext 5290 to schedule an appointment.

    How can a student access his/her counselor?

    Students are our top priority. Students can come to the Counseling Office on a walk-in basis before/after school, nutrition break, and/or lunch.

    How can I communicate with my student’s teachers?

    We encourage all parents to communicate with their student’s teachers on a regular basis. It is best to attend both first semester Back to School Night and second semester Open House to meet with your student’s teachers. The most efficient communication is via email since teachers prefer to not answer the classroom phone when providing direct instruction to their students. The comprehensive list of emails can be found through the School Directory.

    How can I check my student’s academic performance?

    While progress reports are available every 6 weeks, we encourage all parents to regularly check their student’s grades either weekly or biweekly. Aeries ABI, which is an online grading report system that is utilized by the teachers.  If you have not created your Parent ABI account, please visit our website for help on how to get started.  

    What can I do if my student is doing poorly in class?

    First discuss with your student to see if you can discover the root of the problem…are they doing their homework thoroughly? Do they study for the class each night? Is there a personal problem that is hindering their success? After you have spoken with your student, the next step is to speak with the teacher. Discuss with the teacher your concerns and ask for their professional insight regarding your student’s academic progress in their class. Depending on the issue, it may be best to schedule a parent/teacher conference.  If you feel that you are in need of additional assistance after speaking/meeting with the teacher, it would best to contact your student’s counselor.              


    Also, keep these web addresses handy and visit them often for LOTS of information

      Athletic Information           Activities/Events/Club Information     

    AVID Program 


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