Welcome Back to School

    Mrs. Zienowicz’s Third Grade Classroom



    Welcome to the new school year! I am looking forward to a fantastic year with your students!  Please know that you are ESSENTIAL to your child’s success.  I look forward to working with you and your child this year to make sure they have a rewarding and fun educational experience.  

      Home-School Communication: Communication between home and school is extremely important.  Your input and involvement will be valuable to me in my efforts to meet the needs of your child. Please feel free to contact me if you have anything you would like to discuss. You can email me or try the direct messages through the new Communication feature on the Aeries Portal or download the app to use.   You may also send a note with your child or call (951)696-1402 Ext. 2135 and leave a message. 

     Discipline:  We have a daily behavior chart in our classroom. Each student starts the day on green (Ready to Learn) and can move up the chart or down depending on their choices.  I like to use logical consequences as much as possible.  Some examples of my consequences are a change of location, apologize and make amends to classmates, conference with teacher at recess, stay in to finish work, or work in another room for a short period of time and of course parent contact as needed. I encourage my students to make good choices that they can be proud of.

      Here’s a look at our behavior chart.


    Purple – Outstanding!

    Blue – Good Choices!

    Green - Ready to Learn

    Yellow – Make a better choice!

    Orange – Stop, think and write (Students will fill out a behavior slip reflecting on their choices)

    Red - Meet with the teacher/parent contact
    If you were unable to attend Back-to-School Night here is the Power Point I used with any info you may have missed.












Last Modified on August 21, 2019