• New this year (2018-19), all student score reports will be shared electronically via the Aeries Parent and/or Student Portal. Students who took the test in prior grades will also see those scores on the last page of the report. This allows you to see your child’s progress over time.

    After July 1, 2019, the California Department of Education updated testing reports to show the correct historic school average scores for students. Again, these reports are now available and can be accessed electronically through the Aeries Parent and/or Student Portal.

    In our district, the test results are just one way to look at how well our students are doing. We use the results to find areas where students are doing well and areas in which they need help. It is also important to know that the test results are not used to determine a student’s academic success.

    To learn more about your child’s scores, go to the new parent web page called Starting Smarter, available at https://ca.startingsmarter.org/.

    This site includes:

    • resources to help understand results on the student score reports
    • access to sample test questions and practice tests
    • no-cost resources to support learning
    • a guide for parent-teacher conferences

    To view a "How-To" access students electronic score reports, please view the following video - How To View Your Students Electronic Test Results

    If you have questions or concerns about your student’s progress, please contact your student’s school.



Last Modified on January 10, 2022