• Special Education Programs

    The delivery of supports and services varies from student to student. Some children are provided services in a general education classroom while others are provided services through a "pull out" model where they are taken out of the general education classroom. Some have a blended program in which services are provided in a variety of creative ways. Parents are integral members of the IEP team and participate in decisions regarding the identification, placement, and services to be provided to their children.

    Designated Instruction and Services (DIS) and Resource Specialist Programs (RSP) are available at each elementary, middle and high school in the district.

    Special Day Class (SDC) Programs
    School Non-Specialized
    Functional Skills
    Behavior (SIS) Preschool Preschool Intervention Adult Transition
    Intake Team
     Elementary Schools
    Alta Murrieta NS HFA.          
    Antelope Hills NS FS          
    Avaxat NS Moderate SDC          
    Buchanan NS     PK      
    Cole Canyon NS              
    E. Hale Curran NS     PK PIP   Pre-Intake
    Lisa J. Mails NS            
    Monte Vista NS   BEH        
    Murrieta Elementary       PK      
    Rail Ranch NS IBI   PK      
    Tovashal NS              
    Middle Schools
    Dorothy McElhinney NS FS            
    Shivela NS FS          
    Thompson NS IBI          
    Warm Springs NS   BEH        
    High Schools
    Murrieta Mesa High NS FS (2014~2015)      
    ATP (FS)
    Murrieta Valley High
    NS FS BEH     ATP  
    Vista Murrieta High NS FS BEH     ATP
    Murrieta Canyon Academy none
    Murrieta Valley Adult Education none


    Special Day Classes

    Special Day Classes are created for children whose needs cannot be met in the general education setting. Special Day Classes are available at the following locations:

    Elementary Schools

    • Alta Murrieta
    • Avaxat
    • Buchanan
    • Cole Canyon
    • Lisa J. Mails
    • Rail Ranch (Preschool Severe and ABA also)
    • Monte Vista (Behavior also)
    • Antelope Hills (Severe and ABA Only)
    • Murrieta Elementary (Preschool Only)
    • E. Hale Curran
    • Tovashal

    Middle Schools

    • Dorothy McElhinney
    • Shivela
    • Thompson
    • Warm Springs

    High Schools

    • Murrieta Mesa High
    • Murrieta Valley High
    • Vista Murrieta High

    Program Options available outside the MVUSD

    • County Programs
    • Non-Public Schools


    When reviewing service delivery options, the consideration of "full inclusion" is often discussed. This term refers to children, who are typically more significantly impacted by their disability, receiving supports and services in the general education classroom alongside their non-disabled peers. Children qualify for special education services by meeting eligibility criteria set forth by state and federal laws. Students do not "qualify" for a particular program. Because of this, it is possible for a student with more significant needs to have a program designed to meet his/her needs in the general education classroom. Each child is unique, and the concept of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is truly realized when a program is specifically designed to meet the needs of the child. If a student is not making adequate progress on IEP goals, even when all supports and services are in place, the placement, including that of "full inclusion", needs to be examined for a more appropriate placement. 

    Resource Specialist Programs

    Resource specialist teachers serve students whose IEPs indicate collaboration, pull-out, or consultative services. These programs are available at all school sites in the district.


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