Click HERE for 2020 Virtual Supply List  

    Recommended Supplies  

    At Home Organization  

    Tip: Designate an area for your child’s school supplies. This can be in a traditional binder set up or what works for you. For example, you can use a Rubbermaid 5 drawer container to put their materials in by subject. Then put the Chromebook on the top of the area and charge it overnight. Be aware of what is in the background during lessons or recordings.  

    Do what works for your family. We just want to make sure students have pencils and supplies at their fingertips so if they need these items they aren’t stressed.   

     Priority Items 

    1. Agenda/Student Planner- TMS supplied agendas at orientation pick up! (paperclip or binder clip to tag or mark the week, students can flip right to it instead of flipping through to find a date). We will be using this daily. It has a ton of resources we will be accessing.  
    1. Spiral Notebook(s) 2 subject college ruled or one multisubject 
    1. Pencils 
    1. highlighter 
    1. Crayons or colored pencils  
    1. Multi-colored pens  
    1. Earbuds that can plug into your device 

    Live Meeting Expectations*1 

    Please click HERE to review expectations 




    *1Please note that if your child is nervous about being on camera, let me know so I can make accommodations. We’re in this together.  


Last Modified on August 4, 2020