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AP Chemistry

  • Welcome to AP Chemistry!

    AP Chemistry is a college level course that will prepare you to pass the College Board AP Chemistry Exam.  Passing this exam will earn you college credit.  If you found regular Chemistry interesting but not challenging enough, then this is the right course for you.  We cover new material and expand upon old material at a much faster pace.  I have a link to my syllabus in the section to the left.

    Past students have found the following necessary to be successful:

    • Attend class regularly
    • Be prepared for the day's lesson by doing the homework (I do not accept late homework in AP Chemistry)
    • Pay attention in class
    • Collaborate with your peers (form study groups, participate in discussion boards, set up group chats)
    • Be resourceful (find websites that you like, get a study book, ask questions) 

    Please send me an email if you have questions or have trouble accessing the course in Canvas.


Last Modified on August 13, 2020