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    Mr. Tikasingh is teaching choir at Tovashal, Avaxat, Antelope Hills, E. Hale Curran, and Murrieta Elementary this year.  Mr. Tikasingh received his Masters of Art Degree with a Specialization in Musicology from San Diego State University and a Bachelors of Science in Music Education and Organ Performance from Eastern Nazarene College. He has done graduate work at Boston University and the Tanglewood Institute of Music in Massachusetts. He began studying piano at the age of eight and organ as a high school student and has participated in choir since elementary school. He is a member of the American Guild of Organists, Southern California Vocal Association, and Inland Counties American Orff Schulwerk Association.

    Mr. Tikasingh has been teaching music for the Murrieta Valley School District since 1989. He currently directs several Elementary Choirs, teaches 4th grade Recorders and serves as an Accompanist for choirs in the district.  Mr. Tikasingh believes that music can bring a positive change to a person’s life and strives to support students musical growth daily.

     “Be the change you want to see in the world.” By Mahatma Gandhi.


    Mr. Tim Tikasingh


    Enjoy this Power point presentation for Making the Case for Choir

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    • The elementary choir is to help students develop their singing voice and to explore their vocal abilities. 
    • Students will learn basic singing posture, breath control, diction, phrasing, tone color, dynamics, and read basic music notation. 
    • Students will sing a variety of vocal literature of good composition, appropriate text from many musical styles that include folk songs, art songs, seasonal songs, patriotic songs, and songs from different world cultures. 
    • Students will sing songs that are in unison, canons, rounds, partner songs and songs in two part harmony.
    • Students will at times learn movement, choreography, or dances to coordinate with the music and play instruments to accompany the choral literature.
    • The choir provides opportunities for students to perform for parents, peers, and at community functions. 
    •  Students will expand their general musicianship as they sing. 

    Students are expected to be courteous, considerate and respectful to each other and to the teacher at all times.  Choir students are expected to follow all school wide rules.  In addition they are expected to follow these general choir classroom rules:

    • Be on time and prepared
    • Follow directions and stay on task
    • No food, gum, or candy during choir rehearsal.
    • Behave respectfully towards others and to school property
    • Attendance and participation at all rehearsal and performance is expected to remain in the choir.

    • Attendance is expected
    • Spring Assembly Performance at each elementary school site in the MPR. 
    • Friday Flag for each school.
    • The District Showcase at MESA H.S. 


        The Choir Students will need to wear a white shirt and black pants.