Freshman English Research Project

  • In this project you will be conducting research for an area of high interest to you related to your future goals. This may be something you are passionate about and have already begun exploring in your ICT Future Goals Project or it may be a new topic that has captured your interest. 

research paper
  • These steps are a guide to facilitate the completion of the research paper.

    Step 1- Establish goal, world perspective, and driving research question using the workshop linked here.  Step 1 Worksheet.  (See Academic Vocabulary/Command Terms document linked here to help generate the driving research questions.)

    Step 2- Gather sources for your project that fit your goal and research questions. Complete an annotated bibliography that explains why you think each source will be useful. Students must list 3-5 sources on their annotated bibliography. (Teachers may want to have students add a sentence to each paragraph for the sources explaining how the source connects to the chosen global context.)

    Step 3- Develop a working claim and subtopics. (This may change based on the research.)

    Step 4- Read and annotate each of your sources, trying to identify information for your thesis and subtopics for step 3. (Teachers should model this process for the students using a source of their choice to ensure students can annotate correctly. Some teachers may choose to interview students over their research at this point in the process.)

    Step 5- Complete a formal outline of your research, adjusting your claim and subtopics to match what you have discovered in your research. (Teachers who do not want to do as extensive an outline or who want to set up the formal outline with a less detailed one can use this document linked here.)

    Step 6- Create introduction and conclusion.

    Step 7- Complete a draft of your paper.

    Step 8- Complete the Peer editing document for your draft.

    Step 9- Finalize and submit your paper on See MLA Style Example here.

    Step 10- Optional Presentation and Presentation Assessment.

    Freshman Research Paper Rubric (9-2017)

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