Things to Know

  • welcome  

    to Mrs. Stone's First Grade  (Room 12) 

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! First grade is such a great place to be. You will be amazed at the rate of growth your child will make this year...both academically and socially. Once they are able to read, first graders become so excited about the "new world" that is open to them. They have the ability to read anything and I hope that your child will develop a love of reading this school year.

    Things to know for the beginning of the school year:

    ** The school gates open at 8:10 for students who wish to play in the morning.  Please go through the main school gate NOT the one next to the first grade classrooms.

    ** Each morning, hang your backpack on the rack next to the lawn by our classroom then proceed to the playground.

    ** Prepay for lunch at the cafeteria if needed (place money in envelope with child’s name and my name); then place the envelope in the black box on the wall inside the back of the MPR. You can also pay in advance online at

    ** Our line up spots are on the playground (#5 and 6)….do not wait at the classroom door. The first bell rings at 8:25 and school begins promptly at 8:30.

    School is out at 2:45…. Parents:  please meet us on the grass outside of our classroom or let me know of another meeting place to send your child

     These are the items needed to start the year: 

    •   Each child needs to bring in a box of 12 or 24 crayons and 2 glue sticks to add to their pencil box by the end of the first week
    •   In addition, each child needs to bring in a dozen yellow pencils (these will be shared by all students)

    Items needed daily:

    •   A healthy snack with water or juice in a paper bag labeled with your name
    •   Lunch box or lunch money …prepay at cafeteria before school or online
    •   A backpack 

    Optional:  water bottle that can be kept on your desk 

    I will provide:

    •   A pencil box with scissors and pencils
    •  A homework folder to go between home and school each day
    If you send lunch in a lunch box/bag,  please CLEARLY write your child's name and my name on the outside.  So many children have exactly the same lunch bag/box each year and your child needs to quickly find theirs each day after lunch among the other 150 children's boxes/bags.
Last Modified on July 3, 2019