• August 15, 2018
    Dear DMMS Families,
    The DMMS Science teachers are committed to providing the highest quality learning experience possible for our students. Educational research shows us that students learn best through the actual “doing” of science. Our hands-on labs and activities, which are reinforced by directly correlated materials, are fundamental to our science program and align with the new NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). 
    To accomplish our goals students will need consumable materials for lab activities, exercises and experiments. Some of the consumable materials include chemicals; microscope lens paper and slides; dissection specimens and materials; cups; paper towels; and various other needed materials.
    If you could please donate $15.00 (or whatever you can financially), it would help cover these consumable materials. We can only accept ​cash​. Please put your donation in a sealed envelope with ​Science Department, Student’s Name, and Student’s Science Teacher’s Name​ labeled on the outside of the envelope and return to your student’s science teacher.

    In order to plan our labs and activities and get our orders in as soon as possible, we would appreciate your donation turned in to your child’s science teacher ideally before ​Friday, September 21st​. If you cannot donate before that date, you are more than welcome to donate ​anytime​ ​throughout the school year.

    We do not want this to create a hardship for anyone. We only want to give your children the best experiences that we can throughout the year with many activities. If you are unable to donate at this time, please do not feel obligated. We understand that economic times are hard and appreciate all you can do to help.
    We are all looking forward to another great year!  The DMMS Science Teachers are dedicated to making the Science Department the best in the district! Thank you for your support of our efforts and your continued commitment and involvement in your child’s education and success.
    Sincerely, The DMMS Science Department

Last Modified on August 14, 2018