Pearson On-Line Information


    Pearson Log-on Information

    To log on from home:

    Go to the Murrieta Mesa website

    Click on the Links Icon on the right side of the screen

    Click on Pearson Easy Bridge

                    A Microsoft prompt with pop up. Sign  into your Microsoft account.

    Click on Realize

    Click on Classes to find your assignments.

    New assignments are listed under “Assignments”.  Assignments you stated in class but did not finish are listed under “In Progress”.

    Helpful Information

    Missed questions are given a second try for the correct answer.  If the answer is still not correct, click “Final Check”.  It will show you the correct answer and your answer.  It will also give you the option to try a similar question.  If you get the similar question correct, the incorrect question does not count.  Click “Next” to move on. The final page gives you an overview of which questions have been completed.   You must press “Submit my work” to receive credit for the assignment.  You can then click “Try it Again” to redo the entire Assignment.  The assignment may be redone at any time up until the due date.

    If you do not finish the assignment and want to finish it later, DO NOT PRESS “Submit my work”.  Next time you log on, it will be in the “In Progress” section not in “Assignments”. Complete the assignment, the submit your work.

    Additional Help

    Click “Question Help” for additional information on that question.  It includes: “Help Me Solve This”, “View an Example”, ”Video”, “Textbook”, Glossary”, “Math Tools”, “Print”.  Not all options are available for all questions.

    “Virtual Nerd” videos are available for each section.  They are found under the “Browse” option by lesson number.

    How to access a digital copy of the textbook.

    Log onto Pearson Easy Bridge

    Click on “Realize”

    Click “Browse”

    Click on Interactive Student Edition: Realize Reader: Mathematics.(The Virtual Nerd videos are also available here.)

    “Open in new window”

    Click the correct Topic (chapter)

    Click “Topic Overview” and choose the correct lesson.

     Assignments are found under “Practice & Problem Solving” (bottom of the list).


Last Modified on August 23, 2019