• ASL 1 Semester 1 Homework Schedule

    ASL 1 Homework

    "We remember what we understand; we understand only what we pay attention to; we pay attention to what we want." - Edward Bolles


     The purpose of the ASL video lessons is to reinforce and supplement learning as well as increase language retention.  The ASL video lessons will provide further reinforcement and supplementation, by allowing students to review previously learned content from class. In addition, language retention will increase as a result of increased exposure and review of the language. A famous study on forgetting textbook materials compared the percentage of material remembered after different intervals of time (opencolleges.edu.au). The results showed that after just one day only 54% was of the content was remembered. Consistent and purposeful study of ASL, both receptively and expressively is an essential component of language acquisition and learning.   


    One homework ASL video lesson will be due roughly every two weeks on Friday. After completing the ASL video lesson students are encouraged to take the practice quiz to check for progress and comprehension. Moreover, the quizzes will help prepare students for in class homework quizzes.  It is highly encouraged that students watch the videos more than once to increase receptive comprehension and preparation for the in class homework quizzes. Students will be quizzed every two weeks on the respective B or A day Friday dates (see schedule above). Each in class homework quiz is worth 60 points.    

    Below you will find the ASL lessons, containing a link to YouTube with ASL video lessons.  To access the ASL homework lesson videos as well as quizzes click on the link for the week’s homework. Each video has a corresponding quiz located next to the video link. (Note all video lessons and quizzes are academic property of lifeprint.com)    

    For Homework Video Lesson and Quiz Schedule See Document Above:

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