• 2018-2019 Womens Lacrosse Roster


    Sydney Havlick, SR, 3rd year
    Tori Aguillion, Sr 2nd year
    Kate Beauchamp, Soph 2nd year
    Madalynn Buck, SR 2nd year
    Riley Franzo, JR 2nd year
    Ashlyn McAplin, Soph 2nd year
    Esmeralda Salcedo, JR 2nd year
    Sydney England, JR 1st year
    Grace Rethwisch, JR 1st year
    Melina Romero, Soph 1st year
    Maci Venrick, JR 1st year 
    Aryanna Wexler, Soph 1st year
    Lauren York, Soph 1st year

    Cheyenne Breecher, Soph 2nd year
    Delaney De La Torre, Soph 2nd year
    Alyssa Fonte, Soph 2nd year
    Anaih Hurtado, Soph 2nd year
    Grace Warner, Soph 2nd year
    Hannah Butler, FR 1st year
    Chloe Gaines, FR 1st year
    Madison Hunt, FR 1st year
    Sam Miles, JR 1st year
    Ariana Mosgrave, FR 1st year
    Paige Patterson, Soph 1st year
    Kaelyn Prasomsouk, FR 1st year
    Simone Springer, Soph 1st year
    Olivia Trivison, Soph 1st year

    The following players need to either complete or continue to tryout:
    Savannah Archer
    Skylar Findlay
    Andrea Solares
    DeAnna Hames
    Anisa Rivas
    Isabel Johnson
    Kalyse Laforey
    Emily Baker
    Olivia Pardue
    Angela Oliverio