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    Physics at MVHS is a mathematically-based college-preparatory course. In order to succeed in this class, the student must have good work habits, good laboratory skills, and be motivated to be successful. Because mathematics is utilized extensively in this class, the student must be concurrently enrolled in Math III or higher. Homework is assigned every day that class meets. The successful completion of the homework assignments are an important key to doing well in Physics.

    If a student is absent, he/she should check the Agenda page on the course HAIKU page for the assignment that they missed.  

    Please check out the links on the top of this page. There is a link to the web site for the Physics Textbook, Physics: Principles and Problems. This is a good resource for the Physics student. It includes an online multiple choice quiz for each chapter of the textbook. Students can receive immediate feedback and can take the quiz as many times as they would like. There is a database of questions for each chapter, so each time the student takes a quiz, the questions change. The online quiz is especially useful in preparation for a chapter test. There is also a link to the web site for the AP Physics Textbook by Giancoli. It also contains online quizzes and other resources.

    I am available for extra help after school every day for at least an hour and at lunch. I am confident that this school year will be a great one!

    Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns: knanderson@murrieta.k12.ca.us

    Current Event Assignment

    Go to either physicsweb.org or physorg.com to select a physics related news article of interest to you. The article must be no more than one month old. Write a one page minimum paper, approx. one-half page summary and one-half page your reaction to and/or opinion of the content of the article. The paper must be typed, double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, and one inch margins (at the top of the page one inch is measured from the top of the page to the title of the write-up, NOT the heading).  Do NOTuse MLA format.  Include the web page URL at the bottom of the page.  This is a recurring assignment. Due dates will be announced in class and posted on the Homework page on this web site.

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