• Homework

    Second Grade’s Philosophy of homework is that it is a very effective way for students to practice the skills they have been working on in class, as well as a very helpful way to help children learn and accept personal responsibility.

    Generally, all homework should not take more than 30 minutes a night.  Reading every night is a must.  This can’t be stressed enough and we need your help in insisting on this activity.  This is what will help to ensure your child’s school success.  Reading is performed in every subject, and by practicing the skill daily, there will be growth in comprehension, fluency, spelling and vocabulary. Please fill in the date for the time read on the “Read Around the World” reading log and return each day in your child’s folder.


    • In our classroom, homework is to be done daily. A homework calendar will be sent home on  Monday for that week. This calendar will have a breakdown of your child’s homework activities for each day. These items will generally stay the same, or very similar, however writing homework may be sent later in the year, and special projects may sometimes be substituted for regular homework.
    • Once your child’s daily homework is completed, your child needs to bring it to you to have it checked for completion and corrections. Please sign your child’s homework calendar each week.
    •  If there is Math homework, it needs to be returned back to school daily as well as Reading log. If your child is missing either of these components, they are asked to stay in for ten minutes of their morning recess. They will still have the rest of their recess to eat a snack, get a drink, and use the restroom.
    • Remember:

    *This is your child’s responsibility. Encourage them to get in a routine of completing their homework, getting it checked and initialed by you, as well as packing it up for the next day.

    *Again, homework is to allow additional practice, and to help develop responsibility. If your child is struggling or spending too much time on their homework, please let me know. 



     A sample of the homework Calendar will be attached as soon as we start our homework. 


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