The First Grader

  •         First grade children are whirlwinds.  They climb, run, and often try to do things too hard for them.  At times they will be impulsive to extremes.  They may also be inattentive and forgetful, but they can just as surely be affectionate and loving.  They are constant explorers of the world around them and their sense of wonder is awe-inspiring.

           They love to play to the exclusion of dressing or eating.  They love even more to win. When they do win, they may boast about their victories.

           These human whirlwinds need a sense of security, of being loved; regardless of what they say or do.  Generous praise for good behavior will go much further than criticism of their errors.

           Because they love to talk about their own interests, they need a good listener.  Opportunities to broaden their experiences, chances to see themselves as readers/writers/scientists/mathematicians. Enjoying educational trips and family excursions will feed their natural curiosity and need for self-assurance.

           These little humans will grow and learn at an amazing rate, with the help and support of all the caring adults in their lives.  

    They will grow up to be exceptional adults.

Last Modified on August 17, 2019