• Daily Routine:

    1. Sign-in via Office 365. Attendance and course progress will be verified via Office 365.
    2. Cell Phone - Drop at the charging station and/or place out of sight. Turn off or silent.
    3. Check your work email (Office 365) for each class period. 


    Class Offerings


    • English 1
    • English 2
    • English 3
    • English 4


    • Earth 
    • Biology

    Social Science

    • Modern World History
    • US History
    • US Govt
    • Economics


    • Heath


    • Sociology
    • Multi Culture / Ethics Studies



    1. Lessons and Quiz can be completed from home.  
    2. Pre-Test, CST’s, and Final Written Final must be completed during class. 
    3. If #2 can not complete during class, the assessment will be locked at the end of the day.
    4. Progress monitoring sheets (attendance / sign-in page) submitted to administration every week. 
    5. Students can only take 1-course at a time. 
    6. When a course is complete, a print out grade sheet (or digital doc) will be submitted to the counseling office.

     MVHS Academic Dishonesty Policy:

    Take personal responsibility for academic performance and act with integrity.  Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to:  Cheating, copying from other sources (on-line courses, any internet site), homework, turning in work done by parents, projects, tests, notes, using notes without permission, forging, altering or duplicating school or teacher documents or signatures, plagiarism and text messaging regarding test data or information. 


    1st offense:  Credit loss, possible OCI, Saturday School

    2nd offense:  Credit loss, possible OCI, Saturday School

    3rd offense:  Student withdrawn for course with WF

     Teacher Procedures when academic dishonesty occurs.

    1)      Speak to the student and explain

    2)      Communicate to parents and explain/answer any questions they may have

    3)      Email or speak to me about the situation.

    4)      I will bring the student in, discussion situation, explain consequence, etc. and contact the parent.


Last Modified on February 5, 2020