College and Career Kickoff
  • Career and College Kickoff 2019

    Official Kickoff Date: October 16th, 2019

    Career and College Kickoff focuses on college and career readiness and is connected to the Riverside County Office of Education Pledge—that all students in Riverside County will graduate from high school well prepared for college and the workforce. Additionally, the campaign is an outgrowth of the Riverside County Education Collaborative that was lauded in 2014 by President Barack Obama for increasing college-going rates in the Inland Empire.


    Grade Level Activities

    9th grade

    - Personal College Journey

    - A-G Course Review & 4 Year Plan

    - Career Presenters


    10th grade



    11th grade

    - Basic Life Skills (Job Assessments/Interview Tips/Resume)

    - College Options and How to Pay for College

    - Career Presenters


    12th grade

    - Basic Life Skills (Job Assessments/Interview Tips/Resume)

    - College Apps/FAFSA & DREAM Act/Senior Culminating Project

    - Career Presenters


    Career and College Kickoff Flyer



    9th grade PRE SURVEY

    9th grade POST SURVEY

    10th grade PRE SURVEY

    10th grade POST SURVEY

    11th grade PRE SURVEY

    11th grade POST SURVEY

    12th grade PRE SURVEY

    12th grade POST SURVEY

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