See what your friends are doing at home...

  • First and foremost, your family's health and mental wellbeing are most important.  This can be a confusing and stressful time for everyone.  If you just need to cuddle and play right now, do that.  If you are looking for more to do however, here are some ideas that parents are sending me. 

    These are some of the things your friends are doing at home:

    • Doing Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems
    • Family book club
    • Learning to tie shoes.
    • Tell time
    • Germ experiment
    • Learning how eucalyptus leaves are used in medicin
    • Anatomy
    • Big life journal
    • Sign language
    • Names of states
    • Meditation
    • Directed Draws
    • Leaf art
    • Regular homework
    • Kids A-Z
    • Water coloring
    • Family nature walk
    • Harptoons on Facebook has video lessons on how to draw pictures. In the photo gallery, you'll see a picture of one of friends holding a picture she drew of a dragon.
    • Planning and planting a garden--learning about what each plant needs, zoning requirements, etc.
    • Learning line dancing
Last Modified on March 25, 2020