• Updated May 1, 2020

    What a week it has been. I love seeing your creative assignment coming in. I felt like I needed to tackle another project check out below to see what it is... have fun. 

    What do you do with your Amazon Boxes? click to see what I did.

    updated April 25, 2020

    Check out my revamped dumpster chairs. My son and I are fond of getting a sad "something" chair, stool, table etc. and giving it some love and a new life. I hate for things to go to waste. I have had these old chairs for over a year. I decided it was time to give them some love. 

    The link is to my youtube and how I made the new cushions. NEXT is my foot stool. so I can stay ergonomic when doing my new online learning lessons and enjoying all your creative work. Again sorry for the sideways images I have to figure out why it does this if you know... let me know.

    Revamped dumpster chairs click here to see my "how to video on youtube"


     Old chair redone with cushion chair two chairs




    Get your "CREATIVE" on!

    Spent some time getting my office ready for the phase II online learning. I am excited to say that it is almost there. I want to have a fun creative environment to work in since I can't be in one of my favorite places (the theater). So - see below my new file cabinet... rescured from the depts of "trashville." I have added a set of gold silverware (fork and spoon as handles. ) I have learned that I need to take all pictutes with my phone horizontally from now on so they will load correctly. I have been  learning new technology everyday. 



     cabinet one cabinet two

    cabinet 4

    cabinet three


    This week has been a challenge-Being home and not allowed to socialize with my drama family - well it has been hard. So I decided to jazz up some things around here. I hope this inspires you this week. Scroll down to see the projects

    tire one tire two tire three tire four

    tire six



    March 24 Spent 10 ours online working on lesson. Yikes- so I needed to get outside. Although the orignal tires were build last spring I ripped out the old plants and put in new ones with new fairy garden scenes.


    March 23rd being creative with a Furniture REVAMP

    I am sure you will recognize these ugly green chairs. Now it is beautiful. boy if anyone of you can help me fix the uploading side ways issue I sure would be happy. Send me instructions via email.

    chair chair

     March 20,2020 Too Big to Too Awesome

    I had a jacket that was too big -I did not care for the colors etc.... but I loved that my mom embroidered on the back of it. So I decided to make it into a grocery bag. Something I will use. Sorry the pictures are sideways. Can't figure out how to get them to upload the correct direction. Hope you can see them.

     bag bag2 bag3 bag4

    the jacket                           the jacket back                    the bag full of groceries        complete with a place for phone and keys


    I'll upload somemore of the projects later this week. Have a great awesome fabulous day.


    Riverside arts education links for enrichment






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