Social-Emotional Learning Support Page (Elementary)

  • These social-emotional learning activities are designed to reinforce skills related to emotional expression, self awareness and relationship building.  Students will be encouraged to talk about their feelings, understand how their feelings impact others, and practice strategies to help them manage their emotions.

Activities to Download

Interactive Activities

  • These are great activities for children to do with their parent to support social-emotional learning!

    Activities for the week of 4/6/20

    1. Talk about something that makes you feel happy. Draw or paint your happy place. How does thinking about a happy time calm difficult emotions?

    2.  Take a walk with your family and notice 5 things you see, 4 things you hear, 3 things you feel, 2 things you smell and 1 thing you taste. Do you think you would normally have noticed those things?

    3. Use play doh to create different types of feeling faces. Have a family member try to guess which feeling you are creating.

    4. Brainstorm a list of activities that you can do with your family that don’t cost any money. Consider putting these ideas in a jar to choose from when there is no school.

    5. Create a card to thank a teacher or school staff member for something they did for you. How do others feel when we show appreciation?



Last Modified on March 23, 2020