Tovashal 5th Grade

Ms. Jones Communication

  • I like to see all of the learning going on. Keep up the good work.  Yesterday, I introduced you to Flipgrid.  This is a platform we will be using in the weeks to come to share ideas and submit work.  Please practice using it with the topics I have added.  Your parents have the code to access from a previous email.

    Today's task is to go into Banchmark Universe on the school links.  Enter your usual username and password, go to "Assignments", click on "Enrichment #1".  Read the instructions, read the assigned material, and click on done when you are finished.  This will tell me I can go ahead and check your work.  We will be using this program as well, so get familiar with the areas you can explore.

    Have a great day, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your Flipgrid videos.


Last Modified on March 26, 2020