Tovashal 5th Grade

Ms. Jones Communication

    • Next week is technically "Spring Break", however, I do want you to continue checking in for updates from me.  I need you to try out the tasks I am posting in order for you to get used to different things we will be using starting April 6.
    • Most of you have not done a Flipgrid assignment.  I do want you to post on all the topics I have posted. Make sure you are using the Office 365 account to access it (redbutton), enter and MvusdMMDD!.  It will not let you use anything else like gmail, yahoo, verizon, etc.
    • Over the next week, I have posted specific assignmnts for iReady.  There are 3 Reading and 3 Math assignments.  Please do these assignments in place of other things you are doing on iReady.  I am looking at your progress on these specific assignments over the next week.  
    • I am monitoring student usage time on iReady, and there are a number of you who haven't done any time this week on Reading and Math.  If there is a reason why, please email me.  
    • I want you to be ready to go on April 6.  Please send me an email if you need anything help at all, or you just want to say hi.  I miss you and want to hear from you.
Last Modified on March 26, 2020