In this classroom, we recycle plastics and aluminum! Why? Because any efforts we make to help our planet, matters. With the money we collect, we MUST give a portion back to the community in some way FIRST.  This year, we've generously supported a GOFUNDME effort, coordinated community outreach to our local senior citizen friends, and by showing thoughtfulness to those in need of a little support.  In the end, monies left over will go towards our end of the year LUAU CELEBRATION which wraps up our journey together as a classroom OHANA. 


    The following are our ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALISTS who (along with a parent) collected recyclables we brought in or collected from others weekly, and then took them to local recycle centers for redemption.  We owe them our gratitude.


    August/September   -Joshua F.

    October                     -Gavin M

    November                 -Tarynn N.

    December                 -Gia H.

    January                     -Cooper C.

    February                    -Gilbert M.

    March                         -Jackson W.

    April                           -Kinjo C.

    May                             -Finley

    Honorary                    -Antonio J.

Last Modified on April 5, 2020