Pearson Log-in
  • Navigating Pearson Reading/listening to the assigned story selections

    1. Go to gowsms

    2. Click on LEARNING LINKS at the top

    3. Scroll down to the white box on the left side that says PEARSON EASY BRIDGE

    4. That will take you to the Pearson site, when you are there click on the small rectangular box on the right that says PEARSON REALIZE

    5. Then go to the green icons it says BROWSE, the top box has the picture of the flower and looks like the front of our book, it says MY PERSPECTIVES ELA GRADE 6, click on that

    6. There will be several choices here, go to the box that says INTERACTIVE STUDENT EDITION, it will be trimmed in orange and has the same flower on the cover, click

    7. It will say “open in a new window” click the arrow and the page should be there (give it a moment, sometimes it is slow to load)

    8. Now at the top right it will say MENU next to 3 lines, click on that

    9. Then click the TABLE OF CONTENTS at the top of that list

    10. Scroll all the way down to find UNIT 5 Exploration (later, in the weeks ahead, you will be going to Unit 4 but don’t worry about that now)

    11. Click on SMALL GROUP LEARNING and scroll down to find The Odyssey

    11a. When you look for Sacajawea; use all the steps 1-10, then click on INDEPENDENT LEARNING and scroll to find Sacajawea

    11b. When you look for A Long Way Home; use all the steps 1-10, then click on WHOLE CLASS LEARNING and scroll to A Long Way Home

    Directions for Selection Tests

    1.Use same directions see above 1-5

    2. Now click the orange/brown circle in the middle - CLASSES

    3. Go to your class period and click on ASSIGNMENTS

    4. Your test will be there