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    Week of June 1st, 2020: Optional Activities/Enrichment Activities:

    Science and virtual fieldtrips:  Fun Activites - CLICK HERE

    https://www.nasa.gov/kidsclub/index.html  (Explore NASA Missions/Games/Gallery)

    https://www.funbrain.com/ (Math Games)

    https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/games/ (National Geographic Games)

    https://www.sikids.com/ (sports illustrated for kids)

    https://student.freckle.com/#/login (Freckle - if you have account/log-in)

    Read 20 minutes *you could even build a fort and read in there *you will never be too old to build a fort! :)

    Typing Practice (typing.com / Turbo Type)

    https://www.lego.com/en-us/Default.aspx (Lego Play Zone)

    Read your favorite song lyrics and time yourself (fluency practice) - record your time and then do it again for a few consecutive days - and see how your word per min (wpm) increases/improves. 

    Take a deck of cards and flip 2 cards over at a time (like war) - add/subtract/multiply the numbers for fluency practice. 

    Play a board game

    Read a story to your younger sibling (work on your prosody (tone/expressions/pitch) while you're reading. 

    Call your Grandma or Grandpa just to say “hi” and check-in.

    Write a thank-you card or letter to someone that has done something kind for you/or others.

    Start a summer journal

    Find a recipe that looks yummy, make a list of ingredients that you need from the store, and help prepare it for your family. Don’t forget to set the table! 😊



     LAST WEEK ASSIGNEMENTS: *No late work submitted will go into the gradebook after 6/2 (midnight) 

    First Assignment:

    Independent Reading: 20 min (two-three times this week). 

    Reading Log due Friday: I am attaching a reading log for you to fill out each time you read (just like in class). I would like to know the title/author/page numbers and you will need to include a short summary (2-3 sentences). The expectation is that you read 3 x's per week for 20 min.

    Your reading log can be filled out online and submitted as an attachment or you can print it, fill it in by hand and send me a picture of it. Reading Logs are DUE on Friday. Reading Log

    If you have finished your book and/or changed titles - please email me new book title: dharrison@murrieta.k12.ca.us

    Second Assignment:

    I have added your assignments to Freckle for the week. ONLY ONE FRECKLE THIS WEEK! YAY!

    It's important to remember that these tasks are not timed, please do not rush though them. Read each question completely before making your choice. Your written responses should include complete sentences, transition words, details, reference to text and correct punctuation to the best of your ability. These assignments are not graded as DONE/NOT DONE.  I'll be monitoring your scores regularly and checking to see how much time/thought/effort you put into each response. PLEASE DO YOUR BEST! If you did not complete your Freckle assignments, please add them to your to-do list for this week. 

    Freckle Log-In  (Class Code: pf798a / enter first name and last INITIAL only)

    Third Assignment: 

    You'll be writing a final journal entry *3 paragraphs (6-8 sentences min. per paragraph)

     Include the following in your journal entry: 

    1st Paragraph: 

    • A little bit about you: how tall are you, how old are you, some of your favorite things (such as: color/animal/food/movie/book/activity/place/song etc...best friends, what do you want to be when you grow up? 
    • Next, tell me MORE: Share some things about you quarantine experience: what have you been busy doing? How have you spent your time? Has it been difficult, scary, relaxing? Did you celebrate any special occasions during this time? How were they different than normal (St Patrick's Day, Easter, Anniversaries, graduations, Birthdays) What are some things that you missed? 
    • Lastly, please share what you have learned most from this experience and tell me three things you are looking forward to as our county/state starts opening back up. What did you think about Distance Learning - has it changed your opinion about school? What is you "take-away" from this school year? 

    Please email me your journal entry when you’re finished. PLEASE make sure you edit it (read it out loud to yourself, make corrections. There is a writing organizer and editing checklist on my accommodation/resource page) 



    CLICK HERE: Return to Sports Assignment

     Please read the attached article "When Will Sports Come Back?"

    As you are reading, I would like you to #1: annotate your confusion/questions/thoughts/experiences etc...do you remember how to annotate (interact with the story/author)? If not: click HERE: Annotate Video

    You can print the article and annotate on the printed page and send me a picture or you can annotate on a separate document and email it to me. Please make sure to include the paragraph and sentence number if you choose to do it on a sperate piece of paper. 

    Also, you will #2: write a 2-paragraph reflection/response after you complete the article. 

    Possible Response Questions:

    • What are your thoughts on the absence and return of sports? Explain.
    • Pick a word/line/passage from the article and respond to it.
    • Discuss a “move” made by the writer in this piece that you think is good/interesting. Explain. 

     Please email me your annotations and response summary when you're done. :) 


    good job


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