• Dear Parents,
    We hope this letter finds you and your family well.  We miss our kinder friends and hope that we can all see each other again soon.
    This week we begin lessons from your child’s teacher.  Attached you will find a daily planner that includes pages you can print as well as links to lessons and activities.  We realize that many families are dealing with difficult challenges at this time, so please use these plans as a guide and adapt them as you need.  
    We also recognize that different children have different academic needs.  Some of the lessons are marked as “Approaching,” “On Level,” or “Beyond.”  Your teacher will tell you which one they think will be most effective for your child.  If something is too hard, or too easy please contact your teacher and they will help make adjustments.  Also, if you are struggling with something, please ask for advice.  Teaching kindergarten is our passion and we have lots of tricks and techniques to make it go smoothly.
    On the daily planner we have included several activities for each day as we do in the classroom, however, we know you may need to pick and prioritize so the following tells what is most important.
    1. Reading - Students should always do some reading, either on I Read or I Ready every day.  If your child has not yet reached level 19 (first grade) on I Read please focus more on I Read.  You can see their I Read level when they log on, or email your teacher.  There are also stories and reading skills for your child to use in the Wonders on-line program and in the attachments.  The daily planner of lessons that follows, tells you what to do each day.
    2. Math - Attached are two math resources: the Go Math book and the monthly math journal.  Your child can complete both of them but the priority is the Go Math book.  These are new lessons for the children so you will need to guide them through.  Some of the classes have already completed this chapter 9 Go Math book.  If so, they should do just the journal.  Most of the journal is review but there may be a few new pages that require your direction.  The math journal is an “On Level” book.  If it is too difficult for your child you can use the attached “Approaching” math pages.  If the math journal is too easy there are “Beyond” math pages.  I Ready also has math lessons that are at the level where your child tested.  You do not need to do all this math everyday.  Start with the Go Math and add additional things as you see fit.
    3. Other - We have also added writing, science, music, and art lessons each week.  This week they are all about our plant science standards.  Many of them just require you to click on the link to watch the video or hear the story, but we have tried to give you a little of everything like we would do in class.  
      • The writing is the most important of these. Please remind your child that a sentence always starts with an upper case, has finger spaces, ends with an end mark.  At this point in the year we also emphasize handwriting.  Please encourage your child to form the letters correctly and neatly. 
    We will be keeping in touch and are looking forward to helping you every step of the way!  We love these children and want to give them all we can.  Do not hesitate to email us about anything!
    Your Cole Canyon Kindergarten Teachers