• Dear Families, 

     Welcome to our first week of distance learning! This is an exciting time in education as we start something that we have never done before! All of the 5th grade teachers have been working together to put a great first week of distance learning!  This is new for all of us and I am sure we will all have many questions.  Please email me with any questions and/or concerns.  Your feedback is essential to making this a successful experienceAs we start distance learning, please be patient with the process. We are all learning together.  

    My office hours are from 9am-11am Monday- Friday.  

    The plan for our class during our distance learning time will be for students to spend about 2.5 hours per day on school work. About 1.5 hours will be spent on language arts activities, and about 1 hour will be spent on math. There is room for flexibility in this plan, so don't feel like it has to look exactly the same way every single day. 

    Here is an outline of what the daily schedule will look like (**all times noted are approximate): 

    Language Arts (90 minutes per day) 

    Your Language Arts assignments for the week are: 

         * Complete the Scholastic Reading Inventory test which you can access through "Student Links"-  this will give you your current lexile level.  Click on Reading Counts link.  Scroll down to find Reading Inventory Icon.  Click on icon and take test.  This test should take approximately 45-60 minutes.   

         * Read for at least 30 minutes a dayIf possible, this should be a Reading Counts book.  If not, don’t worry.  The most important thing is to read! 

         *Spend 45 minutes per week on iReady Laguage Arts.  Do you best! 

         * Complete the assigned activity on Readworks.org.  Directions on how to log in were sent to you in an email.  I do not want to put that information on a public page.  

    When you log in to Readworks.org, you will see your assigned article for the week. Here are the activities for you to complete  

    Day 1- Read assigned article on Readworks. Write a summary for this article. Directions below. 

    Day 2- Study the vocabulary word drone, complete the questions for the vocabulary word drone 

    Day 3- Study the vocabulary word generation, complete the questions for the vocabulary word generation 

    Day 4- Study the vocabulary word order, complete the questions for the vocabulary word order 

    Day 5- Re-Read the article and complete the comprehension questions 

    Summary Directions: 

    After you have read this week's article on Readworks.org, type a summary in your Office 365 email account and send it to my email dgreenstein@murrieta.k12.ca.us about what the article is mostly about. Your introduction should include a statement about what the article is mostly about. Then you will give at least three supporting details from the article that support your main idea. You can also include details that you found interesting.


    Math (60 minutes per day) 

    Your Math assignments for this week are: 

    *Please spend 45 minutes per week on iReady Math.  

    *Day 1 Lesson 10.1   For extra suppport click here for a u-tube video:  Debra Young Lesson 10.1

    *Day 2 Lesson  10.2   For extra support, click here Debra Young Lesson 10.2

    *Day 3 Lesson 10.3   For extra support, click here  Debra Young 10.3

    *Day 4 Lesson 10.4  For extra support, click here  Debra Young 10.4

    *Day 5 Lesson 10.5   For extra support, click here Debra Young 10.5

    View the lesson by logging into Think Central. 

         *Under "My Library", find the "Interactive Student Edition." 

         *Select Chapter 10 and then the lesson that you are on. 

         *Watch the lesson before you click on "My Assignments" to complete the assignment. 

         *The lessons links are also in the box to the right if you just want to click on that link. 

         *You will still need to log in to Think Central to complete the assignment.  

    *After you watch the Interactive Lesson, you will get to practice a couple problems on Personal Math Trainer. This is NOT your assignment, these are just practice problems. You will need to click on "My assignments" to get into your actual assignment.  

    Extra support: 

            *You can use the "Reteach Pages" available to you on Think Central under My Library 

         *For an extra challenge, the "Enrichment Pages" are available to you on Think Central under My Library ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

    iReady Lessons: 

    Please spend about 10 minutes on iReady reading and iReady math per day.  By the end of the week, I would like you to have completed at least 45 minutes on each subject. Try your best! Please do not rush through them. We want you to be doing your best! 


    READ 180/SYSTEM 44 

    If you are enrolled in these programs, you need to spend a minimum of 20 minutes per day on your program. Please make sure you are working to the best of your ability. 



    Optional Lessons: 



    Eggstra Fun Ideas for Science (Not a required assignment) 

    1. Create a egg drop protection device. sciencekids.com Share a short video of your egg drop on Flip Grid. I will send out instructions about Flip Grid later in the week.
    2. The disappearing  shellMeasure  the circumference of an egg and record the measurement. Next place the egg on a glass container full of vinegar, mark the level of the level of the vinegar with a piece of tape or marker. Observe the egg for 3-4 days. After 3-4 days notice the level of the vinegar, and measure the egg. Discuss with your family the things you observed. Finally you can then place the egg into a clean cup and cover the egg with corn syrup. Observe the egg for a few more days, measure again. At the conclusion of your experiment you can check out these links to learn more. scienceing.com/eggsshell

    Virtual Field Trip and Art Lessons: 

    Virtual Field Trips and Art

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