• Happy May the 4th!


    Welcome to Week 5 Distance Learning! Please see below for assignments for the week. Please have assignments completed by Friday, May 8th.


    Lets see who is the BIGGEST STAR WARS FANS are...Star Wars Quizizz - I assigned it if you log in or

    1. Click this link: joinmyquiz.com

    2. Put in the Game Code: 721014

    3. Make sure you put your name in so we can see who you are! 


    Daily Attendance Link: Click Here for Daily Attendance Updated Link


    Fun Friday FlipGrid: Click here to sign-up for my FlipGrid

    Make sure you sign-up with your student email! I will put a question for you to answer once a week just for fun! 



    Khan Academy Lessons: Complete online using your log-on that I provided. Please show work in your math notebook and you can use a calculator. Make sure you TRY to get a 70% or higher to make sure you are understanding the concepts. 

    Khan Academy Link


    Measures of Center - 

    • Mean (Average) - add all numbers togethen then divide by how many numbers there are

    • Median (Middle Number) - order LEAST TO GREATEST then find the number in the middle...more than 1 numerber in the middle??? then add numbers together then divide by 2

    • Mode - the number that repeats the MOST! There can be more than 1 mode (have to repeat same number of times) and there can be NO MODE (no numbers repeat).

    • Data & Statistics Quiz 2 - complete quiz on Khan Academy AFTER you completed the above lessons. 

    Helpful YouTube Videos:

    Big Ideas Lesson Tutorials


    Imagine Math:

    • Spend at least 30 minutes (per week) on Imagine Math. I have a review pathway for distance learning or you can complete any of the other pathways that are assigned. You can pick which you would like to work on. If you get frustruated - try choosing a different pathway to work on.

      Imagine Math Link


    Optional: Extra Practice & Extensions

    Quizizz Games


    Legends of Learning Game:




    Stemscopes: Inheritance & Genetics

    • Picture Vocab - read though and turn in online

    • Science Today - Watch It! - Watch video, answer questions, and turn in online

    • Reading Science A - Read, answer questions, and turn in online

    • SEP Simulations - Evidence of Common Ancestry - Complete the simulation and turn in

    • Play Crazy Plant Shop on StemScopes

    StemScopes Link - use your office 365 username/password (don't use the old password) or sign in to office 365 first then clink on the link.



    Optional Practice & Extensions:

    • Next week we will have some fun activities and games to help learn this unit.


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