• Dear Parents,

    Happy Mother's Day in advance!  You certainly deserve it this year.  You also deserve a treat for Teacher Appreciation week!  I am sorry I am not with the children creating a homemade gift foryou.  But all year I have had the pleasure of seeing how deep their love is for you.  I have a surprise song for the children to practice and sing you on Mother's Day.  Please play them the video "Happy Mother's Day" every day but be sure to leave the room.  On Friday or Sunday, they can perform it for you (hopefully)!  Practicing and performing it with their siblings may help your student feel a little more brave.  

    This week we are working on the long i vowel sound, /i/ like in ride or time.  It is the same pattern as last week with the magic e. Please remember, when the children finish a task on Wonders have them push the submit button. *** Ifyou don’t see a submit button it could be that you signed intoGorton Kindergarten, rather than the** kindergarten 2019 ** which is the correct one with assignments listed for you. When you hit Submit it shows me that it was completed.

    Sincerely, Mrs.Gorton

    Daily Planner Week 5  5/4-5/8     Theme: Mother's Day  

    Sight Words for the week: has, play 

    Weekly Challenge:  Practice "The Happy Mother's Day" song doing the hand motions at least two times every day Song: Happy Mother’s Day .  On Friday or Sunday perform it for your mom.    

    Refrigerator Copy (summary of week’s lessons) and optional coloring pages


    -Weekly Opener, We Care

    - Practice Book Phoneme i, use the virtual highlighter on the bottom of the screen to mark your answers and have a parent check them.

    - Listen to Big Book: Hen Hears Gossip   

    - Optional: Play the telephone game with your family

    -Optional: Sight Word Practice

    Go to Let's Find Out  (type in Taking Care of Baby)  https://digital.scholastic.com/resources/classpasscode/?app=letsfindout&state=%2Fhome-page-logged-out.html&role=classroom

    Class code: Millerk02

    • Math: (login is the 9-digit number and name0) We are learning to sort and count groups this week.  

        Attached you will find "Math Sorting Worksheets" which has a bunch of optional pages of sorting activities.  Print out just the ones you would like to do.

      *Go Math 12.1 

      *Math on the spot 12.1

      * Interactive student edition 12.1

    Optional: Choose a group of items that are the same (fruit loops, jellybeans, Legos, blocks, buttons, beads, pom poms, shopkins) and sort by color on the mat attached.  Once the items have been sorted, count how many there are of each item and write the number underneath.  Then compare the numbers and determine which group has the greatest/least number. Students can then put them in order from greatest to least.

    - Writing: It is Star Wars Day! - "May the 4th (Force) Be With You." Print the attached writing paper and write a Star Wars Story.  I would love it if you sent me a picture or video of you and your story!  If you are not into Star Wars there is a May 3rd writing prompt you might like better.

    Video: Hero Appreciation- Mr. Zanyartu

    - Optional Science Experiment on Brushing Your Teeth (attached).

    - Optional PE: Koo Koo Kangaroo- I Get Loose


    ◦ Mrs. Amkraut lesson 2 on Magic e Also called "Silent e"

    -Visual Glossary -Vocabulary

    -Read Aloud -The Little Red Hen

    -Practice Book Write long i, use virtual pencil at the bottom of the page and have a parent check

    - Kids read We Can Play This is an "on level" book.  Kids should first look at the pictures, then read it at the same time with you.  It may be a bit slower going. After you have read it together, you can have them read it again. Just be very positive and patient.

    - There are "beyond" level readers attached for those who need them.

    - Optional: Sight Word Sentence Builder

      - Optional: Long i blending

      - Choose a sight word page and practice Rainbow Words 

    -  Writing: We have two Star students this week.  If you are an AM kinder you will write two sentences and a picture for Sofia.  If you are a PM kinder you will write two sentences for Nathan.  Encourage the children to tell you their sentences but have them write them independently.  After they write help them to check for correct capitals, word spacing, handwriting, and end marks. Practice reading the sentences.

     When you are ready, make a Flipgrid showing the picture and reading the sentences. You can click on  our class Flipgrid link here flipgrid.com/gorton0 or put it in your Broser search bar. If you can't get Flipgrid to work for you just take a picture and email it to me.  I will forward it to the Star Student.  Parents, thank you so much for helping your child with this.  Our Star Students feel lucky to get their chance at this and really appreciate the responses!

    • Math: (login is the 9-digit number and name0), 

            ◦ Go Math 12.2 Classify and Count by shape

       *Math on the spot 12.2

       *Interactive student edition 12.2

       *Optional: Sort by shape worksheet (attached)

       *Optional Challenge:  look through a magazine and cut out objects than sort by shape of      object.   Count and compare number of objects in each category.

    • Optional Math: print and complete some attached math pages for "On Level," or "Beyond" level math students.

    Mrs.Gorton Reads the Very Hungry Caterpillar

    • Practice your Mother's Day song (Moms: leave the room, it’s a surprise for you!)

     Song: Happy Mother’s Day


      Silent e video -Bizillions 

    ◦ Long i Bird Game

    ◦ Leveled Reader for child to read: Mike Helps Out OR Clive & His Friends OR Farmer White's Best Friend 

    ◦ Optional: Reading, A Dime

    ◦ Optional: Your child can read a page from the reading packet that corresponds to their level 

    • Choose a sight word page and practice Rainbow Words 
    • Math: (login is the 9-digit number and name0), click on My Library 

    ◦Go Math 12.3 Classify and count by size

       *Math on the spot 12.3

       *Interactive student edition 12.3

       *Optional: Attached sort stickers by size worksheet (use alternative manipulative if stickers are   not available)

    • Practice your Mother's Day song (Moms: leave the room, it is a surprise for you!) 

    Song: Happy Mother’s Day


    ◦ Have your child read Lake Time Fun or there are attached readers for Beyond level students to read.

    ◦ Opt. Decodable Passage Kites in the Pine

           - Now choose one of the Mother's Day writing pages to complete about your mom. You can write “I love you mom because…” It is okay to spell because for the students as we have done this at school.

           - Encourage the children to do this independently.  Then help them to check for correct capitals, word spacing, handwriting, and end marks.

    • Sight word page and practice Rainbow Words 

    Math: So far, we have learned 3 ways to sort, but did you know there are many more ways to sort? Let’s find a way that different objects are the same.


               * sort and classify animals worksheet(attached)

               *Classify and sort worksheet (attached)

               *Help your mom for Mother’s Day! Can you help unload the dishwasher and sort the           silverware, or help sort the clothes in the laundry?

    • Math: (login is the 9-digit number and name0), click on My Library in Go Math 12.4 Make a Concrete Graph

       *Math on the spot 12.4

       *Interactive student edition 12.4

       *Optional: Count and Graph worksheet (attached)

    • Practice your Mother's Day song (Moms: leave the room, it is a surprise for you!) 

    Song: Happy Mother’s Day


    - Have your child read Pike Lane or there are attached readers for Beyond level students to read.

    - Play Fluency Speed Game.  Do it again and see if you can beat the timer!

            - Sight word page and practice Rainbow Words 

    • Math: (login is the 9-digit number and name0), click on My Library 

        * Go Math 12.5 Read a Graph

       *Math on the spot 12.5

       *Interactive student edition 12.5

       *Optional: Guess My Sort!  Sort a group of objects and have your family guess how they are   sorted.  Ex. Toys by color, dolls by hair color, shoes by type, animals by where they live (land/sea).

       *Optional: sweet treats sorting and graphing worksheet(attached)
    • Optional Art: Here is a video to help you draw your mom a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day https://youtu.be/0-jHiAovALE, or if you like there are coloring pages on the attached Refrigerator copy you can use instead.

    Perform For Your Mom on Mother's Day  Song: Happy Mother’s Day

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