• Dear Parents,

    Thank you so much for sending me the pictures and videos of your children and their work.  Please keep them coming!  Those beautiful smiles sustain me and motivate me to try and come up with new ideas.  This week in order to practice long vowels I made a video photo album of what it is like at my house.  It is also a contest!  The directions are below on Wednesday.  I will send the winners (and everyone can be a winner!) a personal email congratulations! Also on Wednesday look for a Science Surprise!

    Sincerely, Mrs. Gorton

    Daily Planner Week 6 May 11-15   Theme: Bees, Butterflies 

    Sight Words for the week: where, look

    Weekly Challenge:    Make sure you know your 9-digit number by heart.

    Refrigerator Copy (summary of week’s lessons), optional coloring pages, optional science experiment 


    ◦ Listen to Big Book: Bread Comes to Life

    * Writing- Write about the type of bread you like to eat and why.

    ◦ Kids read: Look at This or We Like to Share. Read it twice.

     Visual Glossary- Vocabulary

    ◦ Listen to the Native American fable Spider Woman

    • Math:  Now that we are have finished our Go Math Lessons and are approaching the end of the school year, we will be reviewing skills we have already learned. Attached you will find a list of the End of the Year Math Standards for kindergarten, math pages for each day, and the May Math Journal. 

     May Math Journal (complete 3-4 pages a day) and Caterpillar Counting 

    * Science: Scholastic  Let's Find Out   about Bees.  Follow this link and put in millerko2 to read the magazine, watch a video and play a game about bee


    ◦ Silent e video:  https://youtu.be/NVeq9a4dFIU

    ◦ Practice Book Write long o WORDS, use virtual pencil at the bottom of the page and have a parent check

    ◦ Kids read Look! A Home!  This is an "on level" book.

    ◦There are also "beyond" level readers attached for those who need them.

    Optional: Sight Word Sentence Builder

    • Choose a sight word page and practice Rainbow Words 
    • Writing: Our Last Star Student is Hannah. Both AM & PM Please write at least two sentences about Hannah.  Encourage the children to tell you their sentences but have them write them independently.  After they write help them to check for correct capitals, word spacing, handwriting, and end marks. Practice reading and when you are ready, make a Flipgrid showing the picture and reading the sentences.  Go to our class Flip Grid at flipgrid.com/gorton0 and enter your 9-diget #.  Parents, thank you so much for helping your child with this.
    • Math: May Math Journal (3-4 pages a day) and Counting Forward page

     Optional Math: print and complete some attached math pages for "On Level," or "Beyond" level math students.

     Video: Kids Sci Show: Busy Bees  

      Optional PE: Kangaroo- Milkshake 

    Optional Music :  The first song on here is about bees, the rest are just for fun.



    Mrs. Gorton's Science Surprise

    • Mrs. Gorton’s Photo Album Contest!!!  Watch this video I made of life at my house.  Kids will need pencil and paper.  For each picture in my album there is at least one long vowel word like “wake,” “ride,” and “poke.”  As the kids listen to the video they should find and write down the magic e words. They can use the pause button.  Last take a picture of their list and send it to me.  I will send the winners an email (everyone can be a winner).

    Mrs. Gorton’s click here: Long Vowel Words Photo Contest

    ◦ Use objects in your home to teach adjectives.  Teach adjectives by explaining that they are words that describe nouns, like fluffy describes a bunny and hot describes the sun.  You can name off things in your house and ask them to say an adjective for instance, the table is brown, a popsicle is cold, brother is annoying (we also call them describer words).

    ◦ Long O Bird Game

    ◦ Leveled Reader for child to read: Look Where it is From OR What's for Breakfast OR Nature at the Craft Fair (above level)

    ◦ Optional: Your child can read a page from the reading packet that corresponds to their level.

    • Choose a sight word page and practice Rainbow Words 
    • Math: May Math Journal (3-4 pages a day) and Addition Worm Graph 

    Music Flight of the Bumble Bee  This is so Fun!!!!


    Mrs. Gorton Science-Day 2

    ◦ Have your child read Jo Made It At Home or there are attached readers for  Beyond level students to read.

    ◦ Opt. Decodable Passage to read: Go Go Go

    • Writing: Listen to this sweet wordless story Bee & Me by Alison Jay  Retell it to a grown up and then draw a picture and write a sentence about your favorite part (lined paper attached or use your own).  Add an adjective to your sentence.  For instance, "The part I like best is when the girl flies on the giant bee."  Encourage the children to write independently.  Then help them to add in the adjective, check for correct capitals, word spacing, handwriting, and end marks.  As always, I would love to see a copy and will write them back.
    • Choose a sight word page and practice Rainbow Words word      
    • Math: May Math Journal (3-4 pages a day) and Bee fill in what comes before and after.
    • Optional Music: Enjoy this classical piece of music  Flight of the Bumble Bee Song written by Rimsky-Korsakov 
    • Optional PE : Go Noodle- Lunch 


    Mrs.Gorton’s Science- Day 3

    ◦ Adjectives Matching Game

    ◦ Have your child read Joke Note (this can be a hard story for them to understand so ask lots of comprehension questions to guide them) or there are attached readers for Beyond level students to read.

    ◦Optional: Play Fluency Speed Game.  Do it again and see if you can beat your time!

              Sight word page and practice Rainbow Words 

    • Math:  Do some May Math Journal and Count and Write pg.
    • Optional Art: Bee Kind (see attached example).  Print out the hive paper and discuss how beehives are made of hexagon shapes; they have six sides.  You can print out as many bees as you like.  Color the pieces and cut out the bees.  To make it look like the bees are 3D I taped a piece of rolled up paper on the backs (see photo).  When the picture is done write “Bee Kind” on the bottom.

    • Optional PE: Print out the attached unicorn or dinosaur pages and cut apart.  Hide the exercises around the room, or draw from a bag, for kids to do.

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