• Dear Students and Families,


    As we start another week of distance learning, I want to thank all of you for your hard work and support!  All the students are doing a great job! 

    The weekly assignment grid is at the end of this page. Once you open the weekly grid document, remember to press control, and then click on the link.  All other needed documents were sent to you in an email.


    5th grade end of year/t shirts:

    Since all our 5th grade end of the year activities are no longer possible, each 5th grade student will be receiving a special 5th grade promotion t-shirt.  Please take a moment to fill out the form by Wednesday, May 13th.  

    You must log-in with your child’s student ID email address in order to fill out this form. Click the link below:



    Here is an overview of the assignments for this week. The specific assignments are in the weekly grid.


    **Math – This week, we have 4 review lessons from Chapter 11.  Please use the resources in My Library in ThinkCentral if you need some additional help. Use the Student Edition e-book, pages 465-516 to help you answer these questions.  We do not have math assignments this Friday. This will allow for greater flexibility in your schedule this week!


    **Reading – This week we have one Readworks article for Monday and Scholastic News for Tuesday-Thursday. On Monday, the Readworks article has comprehension questions only. We are using the Scholastic News Edition for May 11th  


    **Writing – We will continue with narrative writing.  Our topic is warm weather fun. Students should write about an experience on a warm day.  The worksheets will guide you through the writing process. The worksheets were sent to you via email. Students will submit a final paragraph to me via email by Friday. You do NOT need to print the worksheets; you can download them and use a separate piece of paper or you can download and print them.


    **Southeast States – Students will learn the location and capitals of the Southeast States. The worksheets were sent to you in an email. You do NOT need to print the worksheets; you can download them and use a separate piece of paper or you can download and print them.

    The goal if for students to be familiar with the location of the state and know the state capital. Students do not need to know the state abbreviations. 


    **IReady Reading and Math – Students should complete 45 minutes total per week in each subject. 45 minutes in math for next week and 45 minutes in reading for next week.


    **Flipgrid – There will be Flipgrid assignments for Monday and Wednesday.


    As always, if you have any questions and/or concerns, please email me. Have a great week!


    Mrs. Greenstein


     5th Grade Weekly Assignments for Week of May 11


Last Modified on May 10, 2020