• Welcome to Week 6 Distance Learning! Please see below for assignments for the week. Please have assignments completed by Friday, May 15th.

    We are on the down hill of distance learning! Only 3 weeks of new learning and then last week (June) is just missing assignments and grading. We got this! 


    Daily Attendance Link: Click Here for Daily Attendance Updated Link


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    Make sure you sign-up with your student email! I will put a question for you to answer once a week just for fun! 


    Mac News Link for this week: https://youtu.be/S7c7yoo-FQU



    Khan Academy Lessons: Complete online using your log-on that I provided. Please show work in your math notebook and you can use a calculator. Make sure you TRY to get a 70% or higher to make sure you are understanding the concepts. 

    Khan Academy Link


    Measures of Variation:

    Interquartile Rance (IQR)- 

    • Watch Khan Academy Video

    • Complete Exercise

    Helpful YouTube Videos:

    Big Ideas Lesson Tutorials


    Box Plots (Box-and-Whisker Plots)


    Imagine Math:

    • Spend at least 30 minutes (per week) on Imagine Math. I have a review pathway for distance learning or you can complete any of the other pathways that are assigned. You can pick which you would like to work on. If you get frustruated - try choosing a different pathway to work on.

      Imagine Math Link





    * Assignments are listed under assignments on my Haiku page for science. Please make sure you submit your assignments on Haiku for credit or email to me. You can print and complete or complete digitally. Again you must turn them in on Haiku or email them to me for credit.

    • Inherited Traits PowerPoint & Notes

      • Complete the fill in the blank notes by going throught the powerpoint

      • Turn in completed notes on Haiku (under assignments) or email to Mrs. Gabaldon

    • Punnett Squares - Watch the Punnett Squares Video on my Haiku page

    • Monster Baby Genetics

      • Complete the Monster Baby Genetics Assignment on Haiku

      • Turn in on Haiku or email to Mrs. Gabaldon

    • SpongeBob Genetics

      • Compelte the handout by going throught the PowerPoint

      • Turn in completed handout on Haiku or email to Mrs. Gabaldon


    Optional Practice & Extensions:

    • Legends of Learning- Playlist Link is on my Haiku Page


      Directions on how to get to my Haiku Page

      1. Go to DMMS website

      2. Click on Haiku and sign in with your office 365 username/password

      3. Click on my Science 6 class under classes

      4. Click on Inheritance & Genetics tab on left

      5. All videos and assignments are on the page – assignments are listed under the activities tab on the top of the page. This is where you turn in assignments! 

Last Modified on May 11, 2020