• You made it to the last week of school!

    Monday, June 1st

    Make a small, copy sized piece of paper colorful sign with your assigned word or phrase.  Then take a picture of you holding the sign, for our essential worker's collage. Send me your photo by Tuesday! A few of you have already done this.

    Look for your name to see your assigned word:

    Aziz - Dentists

    Cate- Firefighters

    Andrew- Police

    Christian- Grocery Clerks

    Callia- Grocery Stockers

    Sophia- Postal Workers

    Addison- UPS Workers

    Kylan- Amazon Workers

    Devin- already assigned Caregivers

    Cody- Sanitation, Janitor workers

    Zoey- Doctors- already finished

    Shayne- Food Delivery

    Izzy- School Food Services

    Kayla- Teachers

    Blake- Doctors- already finished

    Carter- Parents

    Elena-Social Distancers

    Ashlyn- Stay at Home People

    Shephanie-Fast Food Workers

    Chase - Restaurant Workers

    Capri- Farm Workers

    Jordan- Counselors

    Michael- Principals


    Mazzi- Researchers

    Kinsley- Good Neighbors

    Nalani- Families

    Hayden- Volunteers

    Sheyla- All Essential Workers

    Amar'e- We Thank You!


    Tuesday, June 2nd

    Finish your sign and send me your photo!

    Wednesday, June 3rd

    Water Fun Day- go out and have some family water fun! Share with a quick Flipgrid the fun you had!

    Thursday, June 4th-Friday, June 5th

    Craft day/Experiments try one of these crafts or experiments and share it on Flipgrid:

    Elephant Toothpaste Link- make this foamy fun Elephant Toothpaste!

    Paint some rocks with kind messages or pretty designs. Take a walk around the neighborhood and place your rocks for people to find.

    Make some sidewalk chalk, then decorate the sidewalk in front of your house with inspiring messages and pictures for walkers to see. Sidewalk Chalk Link

    Make a Lava Lamp if you haven't already done so. Directions on this link: Lava Lamp Link




Last Modified on May 15, 2020