• Dear Students and Families,

     We have 3 more weeks of distance learning!  I am so thankful for all the wonderful students and families that are working so hard each week!


    On Wednesday May 27th and Thursday May 28th ,the classroom will be open on an appointment only visit for 5th grade students to pick up their belongings, T-shirt, and a special treat! Here is the link for the 5th Grade T-shirt, Personal Belongings Pick Up.   



    On Friday, May 29th, we will be celebrating our 5th graders and their achievements with a Drive Thru Finale!

    From 9:00AM- 11:00AM you and your family can drive thru the front loop as the teachers applaud you and wave to you.  Please wear your Graduation T-Shirt. Feel free to decorate your car! 

    Just a reminder, this is not a time to get out of your car, we still must practice social distancing.


    The weekly grid download is at the end of this page. Once you open the weekly grid document, remember to press control, and then click on the link.  All other needed documents were sent to you in an email.


    Here is an overview of the assignments for this week. The specific assignments are in the weekly grid.


    **Math – This week, we have a Pre-Test and a Post Test for Chapter 11.  Use the Step by Step option to help you with any questions you have.  In addition, use the resources in My Library in ThinkCentral if you need some additional help. Use the Student Edition e-book, pages 465-516 to help you answer these questions.  We do not have math assignments this Friday.


    **Reading – This week we have one Readworks article for Monday and Scholastic News for Tuesday-Thursday. On Monday, the Readworks article has comprehension questions only. We are using the Scholastic News Edition for March 2nd.   


    **Writing –We will start a state report.  Students will select any state of their choice and create a PowerPoint presentation.  The PowerPoint presentation was sent to you in an email.  Students should download the presentation and save it under their first and last name. They will fill out each slide with the requested information.  There are suggested web sites for the students to use that are in the grid.  Students may use these web sites, or any additional web site approved by their family.   


    **IReady Reading and Math – Students should complete 45 minutes total per week in each subject. 45 minutes in math for next week and 45 minutes in reading for next week.


    **Flipgrid – There will be Flipgrid assignments for Monday and Wednesday.


    As always, if you have any questions and/or concerns, please email me. Have a great week!


    Mrs. Greenstein


    Weekly Assignments for 5.18.20

    5th Grade State Report PowerPoint




Last Modified on May 17, 2020