•  Dear Students and Parents,


    You have been working so hard at home and I am VERY excited about is seeing you this Wednesday to tell you in person how proud I am of you!  Our class pick up time is 11:00-12:00.  Please come to the front car loop and I will hand you your papers through your car window.  I would love, love, love to get to say hi to the children in the backseat.  I will also have jackets that were left in the room if you think you are missing one.  

     I will be giving you a shopping bag that contains the work your student has done, materials for upcoming art projects for this week and next, a graduation certificate and a little treat from me.

    I can’t wait to see you!


    Mrs. Gorton


     Daily Planner Week 8 May 25-29 Theme: Sea Turtles  

    Sight Words for the week: come, does

    Weekly Challenge:   Count to 100 or Count by 5’s to 100

    Refrigerator Copy (summary of week’s lessons), optional coloring pages, optional science page

    Monday:  • Have your kiddos watch this video  and/or  this video about the true meaning of Memorial Day. ❤️ Enjoy your day Off!

    Tuesday:  iRead or iReady or RAZ Kids https://www.kidsa-z.com/main/Login for 20 minutes 

    ◦ Listen to Big Book: “All Kinds of Families”

    Writing: Write about what the story “All Kinds of Families” was about

     ◦ Kids read “Come and See” They should read it twice.

    • Math:  Complete one page a day from the attached, on Level Math Packet, and/or beyond level math pages.
    • Science: Sea Turtles.  Log into Scholastic Let's Find Out The class code is: Millerk02. Read the magazine about sea turtles, watch the ocean-animals video, and play the game. 
    • Optional PE: Go Noodle- Baby Shark
    • Wednesday:  • Come to the front loop at school today between 11:00-12:00 to say hi and get your things!

    • Wonders

    ◦ Practice Book Write long e WORDS, use virtual pencil at the bottom of the page and have a parent check

    ◦ Optional: Sight Word Sentence Builder

    ◦ Kids read “We Come on Time” This is an, on level book.  

    •  Choose a sight word page and practice Rainbow Words 
    •  Writing: Watch this video on Sea Turtles then fill in the attached Sea Turtle Note Organizer chart.  You do not have to fill in every box, just use it to tell some of the things you have learned.  I have an attached one I did as an example for parents.

     Video: Sea Turtles -Animals for Kids

    • Math: Print and complete the turtle math coloring page.  Complete one page a day from the attached on-Level Math Packet, or beyond level math pages.
    • Optional PE: Just Dance Disney Under the Sea Party

     Thursday: • iRead or iReady or RAZ Kids https://www.kidsa-z.com/main/Login for 20 minutes 

    ◦ Pronouns Activity- Review that a pronoun is a word that replaces a noun, like she for Mrs. Gorton, he for dad, Iwe, and they.  You can name off people you know and ask them to say the prounoun.  For instance: Grandpa = he.

    ◦ Long E Bird Game

    ◦ Leveled Reader for child to read: “Let's Make a Band” OR “Going Camping” Above L.

    Turtle Art: Make a sea turtle (sample attached to look at).  See color sheet and plate in bag from Mrs. Gorton or print out the attached paper of his head and legs.  Paint or color a paper plate green. Color the pieces, cut out and staple or glue to the paper plate.

    • Choose a sight word page and practice Rainbow Words 
    • Math: Complete one page a day from the attached, on Level Math Packet, and/or add in work from approaching or beyond level math pages.

    Video: Turtles Hatching  

    *Writing:  Watch this video of Sea Turtles hatching.  Then use the Sea Turtle Note Organizer you filled in, write 2-3 sentences about Sea Turtles on the attached Sea Turtle stationary.  Use the organizer to help you write your sentences.  So, for instance "Sea Turtles have shells”.  Sea Turtles are reptiles.  Sea Turtles can lay eggs in the sand."  Remember to start each sentence with a capital and end each one with a period.  If you can add an adjective that would be awesome.   Please send me a copy of your writing.  I would love to see what you have learned.

    Optional PE: Surf and Swim Yoga or -  Slippery Fish

    Friday: • iRead or iReady or RAZ Kids https://www.kidsa-z.com/main/Login for 20 minutes 

    • Antonyms - explain to your child that an antonym is a word that is an opposite.  So up and down are opposites.  Say some words to them and have them tell you the antonym.  Here are some words to get you started: hot/cold, stop/go, black/white, fast/slow, in/out, tall/short, good/bad, happy/sad, hard/easy.
    • Wonders:

    ◦ Have your child read “Pete and Eve”, A Seed” and/or “See It?”

    • Choose a sight word page and practice Rainbow Words word   

       Optional: Play Fluency Speed Game.  Do it again and see if you can beat your time!

    ◦ Pronoun Activity

       Optional Music: Over the Ocean Music

       Optional Writing:   Complete a page from the attached, writing packet. Use an adjective to make your sentence sparkle.

       Optional P.E.-  Slippery Fish

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