Dear Parents,

    What an unusual school year this has been. Now we are at the end of kindergarten and sadly, we did not have a chance to do all the things I had planned but, I want to thank each child for all the warmth, memories, and the learning that we have shared this school year. To my students, I say THANK YOU!  This past year we have grown together.  A part of each of you will always be in my heart. I hope you will always strive to be the BEST that you can be! To the parents, I say THANK YOU for allowing me to be your child‛s teacher.  It has been a wonderful and rewarding year for me.  I will love your child always.

    This week each day will have a Ocean animal theme.  I hope you will enjoy these fun activities.  Also, iRead and all the other computer programs will be available all summer.  It would be great to have your kids continue to work on these occasionally.  This will help them avoid the summer slide and will put them ahead when school resumes in the fall.  The district will also be putting up summer learning activities for the children on the district website as well.  Keep reading and please, come say hello when we are able to be together again.  Later this week I’ll be emailing/posting a special picture surprise!


    Mrs. Gorton

    Daily Planner June 6/1-6/5   


    Go on flipgrid.com/gorton0 and leave a "hello," "good-bye," or "happy summer" message for your class friends and me.  Be sure to go back on all week so you can see what others have said and leave more messages if you want.

     Monday: Theme – The Rainbow Fish

    • iRead,RAZ Kids https://www.kidsa-z.com/main/Login or iReady  
    • Listen to Mrs. Gorton read-  Mrs.G reads Rainbow Fish
    • Rainbow Fish Craft - Use the fish picture with I sent home.  Color It with crayons or markers using the Rainbow Fish colors of blue, purple, pink and green. You can cut it out and with the blue fish (I sent home) make a bigger picture with both of the fish together. You can even draw some seaweed a starfish or shells in your picture.
    • Optional cartoon:Watch Rainbow Fish TV Show series

     Tuesday: Theme - Rainbow Fish (Continued)

        The class code is: Millerk02. Type in the search for Real Rainbow Fish. Read the magazine and talk with your student about fiction- (made-up) stories and nonfiction (tells facts). You can even watch the ocean-animals video called, Ocean of Life.  You are welcome to use the Let’s Find out website all summer long to explore all the wonderful topics, play the games and watch the videos!

    • Writing – Write 2-3 sentences telling what you have learned about Real Rainbow Fish.  Add an adjective to make your writing sparkle.

    Listen to Mrs.Gorton read: A Fish Story

    Wednesday: Seahorses

    • iRead,RAZ Kids https://www.kidsa-z.com/main/Login or iReady for 20 minutes.
    • Listen to the story:  Mr. Seahorse by Eric Carle.  
    • Art Project: Look at the Seahorse Art sample and print out the art page.  You can paint it with watercolors or color it.  When it is dry get some help cutting it out.  On another piece of paper, you can make the ocean with seaweed and a starfish.  You can do this with watercolors and crayons, or anyway you like.  Then tape the Sea Horse to the ocean paper. 
    • Video: Sea Horse Fact Video
    • Optional Writing – Write 2-3 sentences telling what you have learned about seahorses. Add an adjective to make your writing sparkle.

    Thursday: Theme – Summer Time! 

    • Science: Summertime Senses:  Log into  Scholastic Let's Find Out  The class code is: Millerk02. Type in the search for Summertime Senses. Read the magazine and then you can and talk with your student about their Senses. Also, on this site

           *Watch a cool High Five Summer.

    Writing: Do My Beach Story on the back of the magazine using the virtual pen.

                  Or write about what you would like to do this Summer.

    Friday:  Theme: Good-Bye Kindergarten

    *** Listen to this story by Mrs. Gorton: “I’d Choose You”.

     Song: Listen to this rollicking Kindergarten Graduation Song.

     Optional: Listen to this story:  I Wish You More     



    ***This is an Optional/Extra Lesson for next week if you like...

    Theme - Teddy Bear Picnic

     Optional PE: Teddy Bear Yoga: Teddy Bear Yoga

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